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    What warranty for Dec 1999 CLK 230K Auto/Tip

    What warranty for 1999 CLK 230K Auto/Tip. Experience with Warranty Direct/Wise/AA Hi, As it creeps closer to deecmber I've realised that if i want a warranty, now is the time to get one, before the car is 10 years old. I've read a lot of threads on the forums and have got it down to -...
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    SLK320 Auto/Tip

    Okay my wife's new car has arrived, so her SLK320 has to go in the next 10 days. Main points: 2001 Y Auto/Tip Met Black Black Leather Heated Seats Wood Trim Lady owner and driver Electric Windows, mirrors etc. Immac condition 49k miles Taxed & Tested Merc History RAC...
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