1. D-18

    Tractor / Caravan on German Autobahn

    Can't see too many people complaining about being held up by this tractor / caravan.....
  2. R

    What's your motorway (autobahn) cruising speed?

    Assume you live in Germany, what speed are you comfortable at for extended periods i.e. cruising? I've driven 155mph many times but my comfortable cruising speed is 100mph. You may say that's psychological being 30mph over UK limit or just a nice round number. But I'm also uncomfortable...
  3. simon1966

    Battle scars from the Autobahn!!!

    Returned from a fantastic trip to the AMG factory late Monday night. I had a feeling my car was going to be a bit battered as we hit a new stretch of autobahn and I got blasted with newly laid chippings:wallbash: The motor was in a bit of a state as the weather was pretty bad on both legs of...
  4. M

    Anyone drove on Germany autobahn in winter?

    I read from AA: and ... I am somewhat reluctanct to change tyres to drive on the motorway.. I don't think that their autobahn will have ice on the surface.. And when I say autobahn I mean 100% autobahn - no other roads I am going to use.. And what if it is a warm month? Like...
  5. PhilT

    Autobahn High Speed Run, Noise From Front Tyres? Help Please

    I have just come back from Austria with the car which I opened the car up down the autobahn but got a strange noise which sounds like its from the front tyres (I wanted to see the top speed with the remap but the noise made me stop! . The best way to describe the noise is like the tyres are...
  6. Sparqx

    All spruced up for her debut on the Autobahn

    Here's a pic of my beauty after a day of TLC! I am taking her on a long journey to her homeland next week - Germany, for her debut on the autobahn! Watch this space:rock:
  7. 48hp

    Legends of the Autobahn - Carmel, California

    This event is stateside but a must attend for anyone that may be on the West Coast in August. In it's third year, the event continues to grow. MBCA sponsored Legends of the Autobahn features four marques, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW and newcomer Audi. The event takes place on the friday...
  8. Borys

    W221 passing by on autobahn

    I'm at 90mph, my girlfriend manage to catch W221 passing by :) German Speed Freedom ;) W221 passing by - YouTube
  9. M

    Autobahn 25 Meet on 23rd May 2010 7PM

    DATE: SUNDAY 23rd MayLocation: Trinity Trading Estate Crayford Business Park Silverdale Road Hayes Middlesex UB3 3BN Time: 7:00 PM Hey Pupsi you wanna come to this one? :bannana:
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Fatality as 2012 M-Class Prototype Crashes On Autobahn

    One man was killed and a Daimler test driver was injured in an accident on Autobahn A81 near Rottweil, Germany. In the early morning hours of the April 23 the 52-year-old Daimler employee was testing a 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class prototype SUV when he struck a 26-year-old man exiting his...
  11. M

    AutoBahn 25 Meet Tonight WEST LONDON

    Hi All, Just found out that there is a german night meet here in West London TONIGHT (25/04/2010) please see flyer attached for more details, I will be popping in on my way home from Work. K
  12. Sorry Pete

    Amazing recovery at speed on the Autobahn (Audi)

    Hello all, I've dug-up this video clip. It's a tremendous recovery, but I was more interested in just where it all went wrong for him? Did 4wd save the day? I didn't hear him lift-off before losing the tail; did he hit a bit of oil/diesel? I'm curious as to whether there's a recognised...
  13. anarchy-inc

    a little drive on the Autobahn

    Just got back from a manic trip to Germany, driving 1750 miles round trip (final destination in Berlin). The CLK performed flawlessly and never once complained about being pushed to 150mph on the A2 between Hannover and Berlin. :devil:
  14. Maff

    2005 German 'Autobahn Adventure' - Brabus Factory and Nürburgring

    Hi All, Germany is calling! :D It's been a while since we done a German GTG, and speaking to a few forum members it's time to start planning the next one... If numbers are good, we have the opportunity to visit the BRABUS factory and Nürburgring in a three/four day top-notch excursion...
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