1. A

    C63 autobox cold ?

    First thing in morning after engaging reverse on my C63 there seems to be a delay before vehicle starts to rhis notmal folks?,dont happen after that ??
  2. anfieldassasin

    W124 economy guage and autobox

    Hi all just quick question out of curiosity. My 300ce economy gauage fluctuates with the E and S setting. So at idle in E the guage will go to the middle. In S it will go about a 1/4 from the black then when I accelerate and car is hot at the next traffic light when I stop, it will for a few...
  3. B

    autobox loss of drive

    I have a 2003 w211 3.2cdi auto which has just turned 120k miles today but occasionally loses all drive under moderate acceleration. It will kick down with a jolt and then will not engage a gear until i stop and put into park then back to drive then its back to normal. Any ideas please
  4. B

    ML270 2002 Autobox issues

    Firstly a bit of history regarding me purchasing this car. I bought it knowing it had issues. When I got it it had no drive whatsoever from the box, I could pit it in D or R and nothing would happen, it would just slip. Fluid level was correct etc. so, I managed to get a replacement box from a...
  5. jfhuk

    7 speed autobox on E series W212 not selecting D or R when starting occasionally

    Just lately I've been getting the odd occasion that no gear is being selected when I move the selector to D or R after starting the car (plus the D or R light in the speedo doesn't come on) the car just sits in Park (P). If I restart the car and select the gear again then I can select the gear...
  6. bert301

    W203 C320 autobox lurching into 1st

    My engine management light has just come on. It has also gone into some sort of limp mode. Speed is not restricted but high revs (giving it the beans) is. When I slow to a stop it seems to select what I guess is first gear either too early or before the car has stopped giving that slight lurch...
  7. S

    240TD autobox and vacuum diagram

    From this VIN WDB12318312013266 can someone tell me which autobox is fitted? It has the OM616 engine. The core problem is adjusting the vacuum for the auto shift but I can't find a vacuum diagram which matches exactly what I have. Anyone have one by chance? thanks for any help or pointers
  8. carat 3.6

    W124 E300D autobox and torque converter

    For sale: 4 speed automatic gearbox (722.435) and torque converter from a 1995 w124 E300D wagon. Removed due to a manual gearbox conversion. Mileage was 137000 when removed, working perfectly. £250 ono, collection from Buckinghamshire or northwest London. Please PM me or send an email to...
  9. S

    S320L - W220 - Autobox problem

    hi all the mercedes has started to not change gear. It will clear after re-starting the car between 1 and 3 times. What can cause this ? Thanks
  10. MangoMan

    Auto-box Fluid Change.?

    Hi. I'm in Southampton, where would anyone recommend I take a W203 C220CDI Coupe Sport Edition for an Auto-Box Fluid & Filter Change please? And approximate cost? Do PCS in Horndean still operate? Thanks. ;)
  11. Sheffield Col

    c class autobox dipstick.

    Hi I cant find the autobox dipstick on my 2009 c class c220 cdi automatic diesel. Also can any one tell me the model number of my g/box.? thank you...
  12. 1

    Autobox/TC issues W209 CLK200

    Hi Guys, I have a 2009 W209 CLK200 Kompressor with the 722.6 auto gearbox Since I bought the car, the transmission has been showing a few issues 1) When holding the car in drive or reverse using the brake at a stop, I can feel a vibration, this is definitely coming from the...
  13. K

    722.6 autobox bumps into Neutral from Drive/Reverse

    When selecting Neutral from either Drive or Reverse it bumps into Neutral. Also when cold it will reverse and drive on level ground but it will not reverse up a slope until it is warm as the engine will not rev. Put it in neutral it revs fine. The box shows no fault code. Does anybody know what...
  14. Padacol

    R170 autobox

    The autobox on my '98 SLK230 has started occasionally hunting up and down the gears even on a flat straight road at a constant speed. Had a gearbox oil and filter change at garage before I bought it in March, and has been fine up until about a week ago. Have not noticed it on / at motorway...
  15. M

    autobox buyers

    Hello ppl does anyone know to anywhere that would buy an automatic gearbox and engine parts for a c180 w203. 2003 . Thanks
  16. W

    Please help regarding the autobox..

    Hi today my clk 240 had a little whining noise sounds like it's a supercharger now this has develop into the car slipping in gears no power when foots down and sometime not going into gear at all. I tried the triptronic and it's not selecting any gears.. What could be the cause of this...
  17. PaulJAspinall

    Autobox noise

    I have a W202 C200 96 plate that has an intermittent knocking noise when in 2nd gear. I've only had the car a month and want to service it, would a gearbox oil/ filter change help this? It seems strange it only does it in 2nd and not all the time. Any pointers would be grateful.:thumb:
  18. G

    w202 autobox problems

    Hi all. I had a weird thing happen yesterday in my 2000 c240 auto. While coming off the motorway slowing down the autobox gave a bang. (similar to a manual box jumping out of gear) All of a sudden i lost all drive. No tiptronic change either..... I coasted onto the hard shoulder down to about...
  19. Trickythemerc

    Autobox shift speeds

    Hi guys, Newbie here just bought a very nice 220 CDI CLK and love the car. It does seem to want to hang on to 4th gear ? or maybe it's just me ? Under normal conditions and using sensible throttle it changes into 5th at just over 40 MPH is this normal ? With 74k and no mention of a box service...
  20. M

    level requirements of autobox (w203)

    what is the requirements of oil level in automatic ( semi) box 220CDI w203 02 and the correct part number for the oil
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