1. D

    Recommended exhaust shops for cheaper cars - ATS, F1 autocentre etc

    Hi All The exhaust on our old budget Yaris seems to have developed a fault as its now very noisy, can anyone recommend any decent places to get it sorted? Locally we have the usual F1 autocentre, Kwik fit, ATS and the halfords autocentre, any good experiences or recommendations out of the...
  2. clk320x

    Halfords autocentre

    Would you get Halfords autocentre to work on your car? Need coolant leak investigated asap, and they are only place open Saturday.
  3. mercmad786

    HALF PRICE MOT At Nationwide Autocentre

    Just seen this at the Autotrader website: Never been but are Nationwide any good?
  4. SimonsMerc

    Autocentre, Sudbury, Wembley

    This is a long shot, but has anyone ever used a place called "Autocentre"? They're just off the Watford Road, next to the Sudbury Swan roundabout, and about a three minute walk from my house ;-) Their sign says "Specialists in Mercedes and BMW"; the local dealer who sold me my BMW had some...
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