1. ballyupnorth

    Boot CD Autochanger s500 2001

    Recently bought the above vehicle minus the autochanger
  2. C

    350SL (2007) CD auto-changer not working

    Hi, I have just bought a 350SL. for some reason the CD auto-changer is not working. Is there any reason it may have been disconnected? The multi CD symbol is not shown on the Command screen either. Best regards, Chris.
  3. D

    w124 coupe cd autochanger location

    I have purchased a period alpine head unit and 6 disk changer. So, wheres it best to fit the changer? In the boot or in the glove box and if in the boot wheres the best place to run the cables? Cheers scott
  4. E

    Glovebox autochanger

    Hello, can anyone please tell me how to get the auto-changer out of the glove box. I have removed the two tork screws from the left hand recess bit it still won't come out. Seems to be held in by something else. Any help would be much appreciated.:doh: W203 2001 C220 CDi estate
  5. nigel cross

    w203 cd autochanger ribbon cable

    Required for a chum, any idea where it can be obtained, its the one that connects to the laser. Thnx
  6. F

    Location of CD Autochanger in CL55 AMG

    Help! I have just bought a 2000 model CL55 AMG & I cannot for the life of me find the CD autochanger. I have hunted high & low all over the car & no sign of it either I am just looking in all the wrong places or it has been removed but there is no sign of any screwholes or a loose cable so I...
  7. D

    Mercedes B-Class - cd autochanger in glove box

    Hi, I just bought a 56 Mercedes B Class. It has a 4 CD changer in the glove box (and one CD on the centre console). However, I'm unsure how to play CDs using CD changer. When I press the CDC button on the console, it says "No CDC". I've tried holding it down and it then says "Aux input...
  8. martin_webster

    W209 CD Autochanger

    Hi, newbie to forum & newbie to Mercedes I have just bought the boss a CLK 2.7 CDI with command & was wondering (i) where is a good place to get an autochanger from & (ii) how easy are they to fit. I put one in my Passat with no problems, but have less ussue about lifting carpets, removing...
  9. markymark1

    Location of cd autochanger

    My car has a sony cassette player that is cd autochanger compatible was told that it had a cd player as well. Have not been able to find it, looks like he was wrong ,anyway would the cable be there to fit an autochanger if so where would it be.Also the advert said premium sound system, what...
  10. Venomous

    MB MC3330 CD Autochanger

    As advertised on Fleabay. Many Thanks Brian
  11. roswaldo

    6 Disc Autochanger

    I have for sale a 6 disc autochanger (model MC3010), C Class glovecompartment bracket and fibre optic connector (all genuine MB) bought in error (my car has the MOST system), all parts are secondhand. All it needs to get up and running is the power lead. Details as follows: MC3010...
  12. dan f

    10 disc Sony autochanger

    Hi. Does anyone know where in the boot of an R170 SLK one of these would fixed? I really want to get it plumbed in to the Sony HU but I cannot decide where it should be mounted, if indeed it can at all. Is there even space for a changer in these cars? All thoughts appreciated. Cheers, Dan.
  13. I

    COMMAND Nav CD in auto-changer?

    The single-CD part of my COMMAND head unit appears to be knackered... inserting a nav CD results in 'CD Reading Error' and audio CD's aren't even recognised by the unit (CD 0 on the CD select screen remains blank and cannot be selected). So, I'm suspecting it needs a new pick-up (although I will...
  14. R

    E220 Classic - retrofit CD autochanger?

    I have a 2004 E220 with single CD player. The control panel has buttons for an autochanger; is it possible to retrofit this item? If so, will I have to buy it from my dealer (which I suspect may be a tad expensive!)? Thanks!
  15. G

    SLK CD Autochanger wiring

    Hello all, This question has probably been asked many many times but after trawling through here have not found the specific answer to my problem. I am a pround owner of a SLK320 (2000 model) with the standard Audio 10 head unit (cassette). I have just acquired a genuine MB 6 disk...
  16. jezyg

    W203 Audi 20 Autochanger?

    Anyone know what autochanger is compatiable with the Audio 20 unit in the current C Class. Tried a couple of places but to no avail :confused: Will be far cheaper than buying the Merc one which actually looks the same as the standard fit BMW autochanger!!
  17. J

    Replacement AutoChanger Magazine for ML

    Afternoon! After two months I finally found out where my CD Canger had been hidden in the back of the ML :o , although happy with my discovery I was still disappointed as the stealership had obviously stolen the 6 Disc Magazine :eek: !!! Any ideas on where to get one from? Has anyone got...
  18. Koolvin

    Merc Benz Cd Autochanger Smart Adaptor

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