1. kam09

    Autoglass windscreen calibration

    Has anyone had their replaced windscreen calibrated at an autoglass site? They are asking for £41 on top of my excess fee (£75) however they are a 50mile round trip away, my nearest mb dealer is 1 mile away.. has anyone had the dealer calibrate the windscreen? If so, What price am I looking at...
  2. dad4geer

    Windscreen repair / replacement?

    I am sure this must have been discussed before but I am after some specific information if someone can help / share their experience please. I have W204 C180 Sport 2012 model and it been just a month I bought it. Though the car is clean inside out the thing I noticed is the windscreen which is...
  3. HotJambalaya

    Windscreen replacement, autoglass glass or OEM?

    Just come back from a few days away to find a nice 8 inch crack along my windscreen along with a small chip... Really odd, no other damage at all on the car. Its like someone hit it with a hammer :mad: Anyway, called insurance co, straight through to autoglass. They claim to offer the exact...
  4. M

    W221 Autoglass Windscreen Repair

    Hi Guys Just a quick one. In a few days an Autoglass windscreen installer is coming to replace the windscreen on a 2008 W221 S320 CDI. I just wan't to know of your experiences with Autoglass and what I should look out for when they do the job... I just hope they will not require to remove the...
  5. B

    Heated front windscreen fitted by Autoglass?

    Can someone advise please. Autoglass fitted a new front windscreen to my 2012 E250 CDI sport today as the other one had a bit of a crack in it. When the fitter showed me the new screen I noticed that running along the whole length of the bottom of the screen within the black shaded area was...
  6. I


    I had a rather nasty crack at the top of my SL. Phoned Ins Co and was answered by Autoglass. Made an appointment, paid them the £70 x/s and left the car with them. Picked it up four hours later, job done, proper glass, proper tint, proper rain sensor. All the "bits" on the screen, tom tom, tax...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Call Autoglass

  8. mirras

    Autoglass from 1/10 to 10/10 with a phonecall.

    My wife drives an Astra which received a large stone right in the middle so the screen needed replaced. I took the car along to Autoglass who replaced the screen and all seemed well. However, over time the car was leaking water into the passenger footwell. This is a common fault in the Astra and...
  9. ringway

    Autoglass despair, Autoglass disgrace.

    18, months ago I had an Autoglass replacement (copy) windscreen in my S210. The screen was distorted and the rain sensor didn't operate properly, and (because I waited for three hours in their workshop for the original screen and would have to do so again for the swap-out) I insisted that the...
  10. Alex

    Autoglass v. ML55

    Hey guys, Sorry for the long post. Had windscreen in my ML replaced today by one of Autoglass franchisees. Booked in advance and drove in rather than going with their mobile fitter. Spent good 20 mins asking how the work is carried, whether or not any of Mercedes instructions are used/followed...
  11. nicko

    Autoglass disaster

    Had a bit of a chip on my windscreen and thought i'd get it repaired before winter.I have no windscreen cover on my insurance and took it to autoglass today.This is what happened,i now need a new screen:mad:
  12. bassist

    Autoglass ++

    Just had a new screen fitted on the Jag and her Micra had a repair done at the same time. Can't fault the service, absolutely first class.:) The guy even managed somehow to get the full screen heating working which it didn't before. The whole thing took just over an hour and a half in...
  13. Glassman

    So, What's the Crack?

    Glassman here. Been working hard this morning and feeling quite shattered. Had a smashing lunch and now looking forward to a cracking weekend. Sorry, no more puns. My name is Paul; I'll get to complete my profile and decorate it with seductive pictures of automobiles and some stuff about...
  14. timwood2000

    Off to Autoglass in the morning...sense of impending doom

    After being told that my windscreen chip is not repairable (surprise surprise) booked in with Autoglass for a new screen in the morning. I almost know it's going to go bad. Almost tempted to book it into the MB dealer to sort out the balls up now. Can't change it - insurance co only use...
  15. Nik_Endeavour


    First the question: Are autoglass good at their trade? More specifically the Bristol branch. Second question: Do they use genuine MB Branded Glass or is own make. I did ask but got a vague response that it was not recycled and manufactured to MB specifications. Reason is that I discovered a...
  16. jpskiller

    Autoglass Replacemnt Glass /Car Damage

    couple of weeks ago had lent out the 190,whilst on loan it was covered by fully comp insurance by the the person who borrowed it. the rear window and rear passenger side window got smashed by youths which was replaced with mercedes glass by AUTOGLASS, I checked the car on the night of the...
  17. timskemp

    Autoglass damage rain sensor?

    Rained today for first time since new screen put in, no wipers. Great. Last time they didn't clip the sensor back properly, this time not only have they not clipped it in, the sensor clips are bent and the cable kinked. Anyone else had this problem?? I think in future I can see me insisting on...
  18. Pietre

    Autoglass ??????????

    My windscreen decided to have a split personality on the way to work, so I dutifully phoned Autoglass 24hr hotline to be told they will get the glass in 24 hrs and fit Sat pm. OK so far. Just got a call from local depot to be told my glass is main dealer only so will not be avail until early to...
  19. R

    A class - new windscreen from Autoglass

    Hi My A class (new one) just had a new windscreen from Autoglass - I pointed out that the rainsensor looked different - and the guy said 'thats OK, it will work fine - its just the gel that is missing. Well, of course it doesnt work fine - MB dealer printed out from Wis the document that...
  20. Z

    Autoglass or RAC auto windscreens?

    My windscreen has got about a 4 inch crack in it after a stone hit it so I am pretty sure they wont be able to fix it but Privledge has given me the choice of going with either Autoglass or RAC windscreens. My past experience with Autoglass is that they didnt put enough sealant at the...
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