1. just washed and polished

    just washed and polished

  2. ph47mf

    Autoglym Super Resin Polish

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I went and bought a big bottle on offer at Halfords, just used it on my car, so far so good, easy to apply and buff off, very shiny now and it really does mask most of the scratches and restored a damaged patch the size of a tennis ball caused by some...
  3. adrianlobont

    Autoglym super resin polish

    Hi all, Just polished my car with Autoglym super resin polish and the results are very good, happy with. The problem I have now is that I have polish left in between joints and door handles... Do you guys can advise me on how to get read of it ? Thank you !
  4. T

    Meguiars ultimate interior detailer vs AutoGlym

    Hi All Was wondering if anyone has used both of these products and can recommend one over the other? want something for general interior cleaning that I can use on the wood, plastics etc.. :)
  5. jon.english68

    Bit of Autoglym super resin polish

    Gotta say the results speak for them self I do love this car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Farmer boy

    Autoglym Rapid Detailer

    Had a few hours to spare yesterday so decided to start my spring clean. Washed with Autoglym shampoo and dried with microfibres towels. Next step was to clay the car all over followed with Autoglym SRP. Next step was to be a coat of HD wax but running out of time I cleaned the rims with Poorboys...
  7. merc85

    Autoglym HD wax?

    Hope this is the correct section, sorry if not but has anyone used Autoglym HD wax before? if so how did you find it? Thanks in advance:thumb:
  8. P

    Saved myself a small fortune on Auto-Glym products today...

    Halfords | Cleaning & Body Repair | Car Cleaning | Pressure Washers | Car Body Repair Stocked up on 9 products paying for only 6 ;) Hope this heads up is permissible
  9. R

    Autoglym Detail

    Well we had lovely weather today and so I couldn't resist the next phase of the ongoing project which is detailing my car! I mainly use Autoglym products which range from Excellent to very good. The products used were as per the photo. One of my favourite products is Extra Gloss...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Autoglym Perfect Bodywork & Wheels Set - £20 (Today only)

    Im a Megs man myself, but this should be a bargin for others:
  11. The _Don

    Halfords offer - Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection
  12. Richiebuoy

    Autoglym HD Wax value

    I'm told Autoglym HD Wax is brilliant. Our local hand car wash at Tesco will wash and Autoglym HD Wax your car for £25 ...... the kit alone is £45 is this good value ? (They provide before and after pics of cars that they've done and they do seem to do it properly)
  13. dan2014

    Autoglym glass cleaner?

    Hi can anyone tell me the difference between autoglym fast glass and autoglym glass polish? Thanks Dan
  14. L

    Autoglym SRP

    Good stuff for CLEANING paintwork but even with a rotary polisher it will not cut any defects out of nano-ceramic MB clearcoat (post late 2003/2004) on metallic paint, I'm going to try G3 next (before splashing the cash on Menerza, 3M or Megs 105 and 205). That Mercedes clear coat is bloody hard...
  15. I

    Halfords Autoglym Offer

    Thought some folks might be interested in this:$ja=kw:drytinder|tsid:40392&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-PerformanceHorizon-_-drytinder-_-TopLink ETA: Can't get the...
  16. Tan

    Autoglym deal at Halfords 54% off

    Autoglym giftset £43.99 reduced to £20 for the day Halfords | Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection
  17. X

    Autoglym srp

    Thinking about purchasing a auto glum kit and the. Clay bar kit and just wondering how long srp will last as its included in the kit
  18. X

    Autoglym srp

    Just reading on mb world says it can hide/remove swirls and scratches is it any good anyone used before, best place to get it
  19. A

    Cheap claying kit with polish (Autoglym) Looks good value to keep your motor looking new ? :cool:
  20. A

    Autoglym Ceramic / Lifeshine car protection

    Just thought I'd post to see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Just placed a deposit on a new car and they've tried their usual upsell tactic of paint & upholstery protection. I've told them not to bother, but the dealer is offering an AutoGlym protection for the interior & exterior. I...
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