1. 0

    Warning ! RPL Automotive Bordon

    Had the car returned to me from these guys yesterday. Mercedes Specialist ..!!!
  2. kusanku

    SK Automotive Swansea

    After a few years of not owning a Merc myself, I am about to buy a 2011 E-class convertible. I live in Swansea, where SK Automotive seem to be only Merc specialist, and wondered if this would be a good garage to take this car rather than a hugely expensive main dealer. Generally SK Automotive...
  3. M

    MB Automotive Loughborough

    Hi all, had brilliant service from the people at MB Automotive in Loughborough. Used them for servicing and MOTs on our CLK350 and ML350. Knowledgeable, friendly, realistic pricing. They're ex Mercedes mechanics and have all the proper equipment. Highly recommended.
  4. martyp87

    Klasse Series Automotive - Edinburgh & West Lothian

    Well, I'm not one for leaving feedback even after a good experience but this is completely different. I turned up to the shop and spoke to the owner, Colin Nicol and realised this wasn't your normal MB indy. My CL was heavily modified with the Weistec supercharger and I turned up with...
  5. J

    Inspired Automotive Discount Code.

    Ref - Glassique Hard Wax and Exclusive Special Edition Hard Wax. For any body who is interested in purchasing the above waxes then Mitch at Inspired has kindly offered a discount to all MB club forum members. The discount code is " AMG". Note:" Exclusive " has been designed for dark coloured...
  6. abecketts

    A very Automotive Week

    After a great GTG on Sunday I trawled up the M5/M6/M74 to Glasgow today at a very credible 43mpg, only just used over half a tank from Devizes good old W210. Looking forward to a Yadgar curry tomorrow and return home on Wednesday to pick up en-route a stainless steel sports exhaust for my...
  7. S

    Evolve Automotive Dyno Run

    I attended an M car Dyno meet on Saturday to show them all what a real engine pumps out. Don't know if disappointed or not as I was expecting 520-530bhp based on previous Dyno run but attached are my Dyno results... Eurocharged map & two cats gutted. 494.8 BHP
  8. grober

    Automotive art

    Nothing to add really- I just like watching this sh*t.:cool: [YOUTUBE HD]aJ0W-Cq7wHI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. hotong86

    Fao rebellion automotive

    Hi. I'm just wondering do you guys respond to pms? Messaged you guys over a week ago now and no response. If this is the sort of customer service you guys provide, then please ignore my enquiry on parts for the cla.
  10. sjmaxwell

    M157 5.5 Bi-Turbo Rebellion Automotive Tuning Box

    As I've gone for a Eurcharged re-map on a new ECU I now have my Rebellion Tuning box for sale. Boxed with all the instructions, leads and by-pass plugin unit £400 including postage Any questions PM me
  11. A

    Avantgarde Automotive Has Moved

    Hi Everyone, REMOVED Regards Steve
  12. T

    Automotive Emergency Puncture Repair

    Hi, is 400ml Automotive Emergency Puncture Repair sufficient for a 18" tyre Thanks.
  13. PhilDR

    A45 AMG Rebellion Automotive S1v2 Acceleration

    Hey guys a customer of ours in Spain sent this footage of his newly tuned A45 running our kit..not bad for the 'baby AMG'....
  14. M

    EXCLUSIVE:Gemclean Automotive Detailing 2014 Website-Now LIVE!

    Hi guys, Shortly after the launch of my detailing/crystal serum application video. I am very excited and proud to lauch my 2014 website. We started piecing this site together around September last year. But due to work commitment was very hard to find the time to finalise and construct. But I...
  15. R

    Rebellion Automotive iTuning 5.5V8

    Having recently acquired a new CLS63 SB to replace my previous C63 estate I have been on a quest to try and replicate some of the wonderfully manic nature of the n/a car in the new turbocharged machine. The first step in the process was to address the noise via the fitment of a set of Rado...
  16. PhilDR

    440bhp CLA45 AMG by Rebellion Automotive

    Hey Guys, Apologies we have been so quiet recently, things have been going pretty mental in the 45AMG side of things for us.. As most of you know we have been working on the 45AMG development program now for nearly a year, and currently hold the records for 1/4mile A45AMG 12.07 @115 World's...
  17. L

    Bluespark Automotive Tuning box CDI models

    My car is due to go back to Mercedes so I have this up for sale. I had it installed for 14months. Great job, more torque and power. Its subtle differences but you can really feel the torque difference. Came of my C250 CDI 204, fits all other E250 CDI 204, CLS250 CDI 204, ML250 CDI etc...
  18. astamir

    automotive leather suppliers

    hi guys done a bit of diy tuning on my w208 clk55 interior wanted to share the pics and hear what you think also looking for a leather suppliers in london or around london thinking of doing some work on the door cards, floor carpets and sealing thanks in advance guys
  19. M

    A45 AMG Rebellion Automotive Switching Exhuast

    Ok guys and girls. The switching rear box is now on our Demo car for all to see. This system is designed with performance in mind so you can have full boost in quiet mode without affecting performance. It has 4 modes essentially: Comfort - Quiet Comfort - Loud Sport - Quiet Sport - Loud...
  20. M

    Rebellion Automotive A45 Tuning

    Good Evening All, As some of you will know we are at the forefront of 45AMG tuning with approx. 20 cars all around the world running or stage 1 tuning system with the number growing every day. Our development has been with one A45 located with MTB in Germany and one here in the UK based in...
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