1. m2mb

    auto-transmission vs stoboscopic wheel balancing

    Can this be done?? Or I am I asking for trouble? (wheel balancing with the tyres fitted and spinning on the car using stobe machine) TIA.
  2. M

    Dipstick for A class autotransmission box

    Hi, I thought I'd heard it all. I want to get a dipstick for the above,for the obvious reason. Call me naive,but always assumed it was being checked,the car is 8 years old. Anyway,have tried 2 dealers,who just don't want to know,can't even answer basic questions on when it should be checked...
  3. grober

    Autotransmission B2 Piston How To

    Those of us with older 4 speed hydraulic autotransmissions may at some point experience the B2 piston failure which results in a partial or complete loss of all forward gears. In answering a query on another forum came across this useful pictorial HOW TO on how to replace it in situ. How to...
  4. grober

    4speed autotransmission fluid.

    Anyone any recommendations as to auto transmission fluid and filter for the auto gearbox on my 1995/96 car. e220 coupe 111.961 engine 722.428 gearbox (4 speed). Should I stick to the recommended MB fluid whatever that is. :confused:
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