1. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Auxilliary Battery
  2. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Snap the three clips at back open
  3. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Aux Battery Location
  4. GLK

    FREE: 3.5mm jack AUX input cable for Audio 20 NTG2

    I had this fitted to my Audio 20 (NTG 2) in A200, and it is now redundant. Works perfectly fine, including with a bluetooth adapter for streaming music from iPhone, etc. It plugs into the connector 3, pins 6,11,12. Free on its own, or £3 if you want the bluetooth adapter with it...
  5. R

    W211 add aux input

    Hi all I have a W211 2.2cdi 2008 with the standard stereo with cd player and Bluetooth which works great. But it has no aux input, has anyone managed to add it without replacing the stereo or spending plenty of wonga please :bannana:
  6. D

    Clk270 2005 aux cable

    Hi all, I haven't got the aux cable in the glove box amd i know there is a cable available to buy and connect to the cable on passenger side door bottom, but before i start ripping off all the plastics and carpets maybe someone could tell me if i have it waiting for me there or not. Thanks a lot
  7. D

    A Class 170, Audio 20, Aux install/CDC not responding

    Hello all, I apologise if this has been asked a lot before, I did check but I could only find it for other cars. Yesterday I bought a A Class 170 (2006), it has only one owner and she has never used anything other than the steering wheel it would seem. She has never used the CD...
  8. R

    Can anyone locate the AUX on my E Class?

    Picked up my late 2011 E350 CDI Coupe last week and want to play music through my AUX. Does anyone know where it's located? Iv checked my centre console and glove box but still can't find it...
  9. T

    done to death (aux input audio 20)

    Hi folks, ordered a cable from amazon aux line in for audio 20 great found the how to plug it in guide, however when I exposed the plug (in the passenger footwell) it didn't match the one from amazon. turns out I have bought the one that plugs into back of audio 20 unit. :fail does anyone...
  10. A

    CLS Aux port

    Hi. I just bought my 2nd Merc - it's CLS 320cdi (07 plate). The car needs some love as previous owner didn't care for it... but I'm getting it sorted out ;) One of the problems I found is that the aux port doesn't work. Then I realized that it has the newer ntg2.5 retrofitted :doh: (I had to...
  11. G

    S Class 2007 W221 COMAND upgrades for NTG 3

    I bought a 2007 w221 S320L a couple of weeks ago, the car is in mint condition and drives perfectly. It replaces my w220 S320L which had to be scrapped due to rust developing on the underside, body work however was fine. The car currently has: COMAND NTG 3 - No birds eye view - I can not use...
  12. Gollom

    AUX to factory COMAND2.0 in 2004 ML W163

    Am I correct that if I add an AUX output to my factory installed COMAND 2.0 then I lose the CD changer or is it just plug'n'pray?? 2004 ML270 (indicators in mirrors) Thanks
  13. T

    SL350 stuck in Park. New aux battery fitted.

    Hi folks, My wonderful and thus far super-reliable 2007 SL350 has been stuck in Park for 5 weeks after the Aux battery ran down over the winter (or perhaps, more accurately, after I let it run down!) I've replaced it with a new one and charged the new one too as it was at 12.5 and it's now...
  14. clk320x

    Get aftermarket headunit to work with stock aux port

    Anyone managed to get aftermarket Headunit to work with factory aux port? I note 2 wires on loom going to aux port, any way to convert these to a nornal 3.5mm jack? Would be interesting to hear what you guys think? Cheers
  15. Mrhanky

    M113K Aux Belt Gates 6PK2448

    Brand new Aux / Serp belt for M113K engine. £13 including postage
  16. P

    2006 SL350 Aux / Iphone

    Hi All, I bought an SL350 the other day. I dont know the model of the current headunit (photo attached). Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to get my music from iphone and handsfree in the car? Thank you in advance!
  17. A

    s204 aux in glove box not working?

    hi guys , I am clueless when its comes to car audio , but i have noticed the aux socket in glove box so went and brought a lead (3.5mm )to play my iPhone tunes using this it but nothing happens. will this just be put in from factory and then optional extra to get it hooked up? or am i...
  18. M

    W211 aux help

    So I got my wife the W211 with NTG1. It has that iPod cable in glove box but I can't find aux port. In command i can see AUX but I think the iPod cable is connected as aux. Can't check it if is working as we don't use any iPods,iPhones. Is the aux hidden somewhere or do I need to remove the iPod...
  19. E

    W211 Aux Battery - AGM? Gel? Conventional?

    The frost seems to have finally done for my 2004 W211's convenience battery. Time for a new one, but is it worth spending extra for a fancy AGM or Gel battery, or should I just stick with an A2115410001?
  20. ringway

    Comand 2. Aux to USB advice please.

    I have command 2 in my 2003 S210 and would like to run a cable from the Aux port to a USB stick in the glove box. Has anyone done this? Are cables available? Thanks in advance, Paul.
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