1. C250BLUE

    Auxilary battery warning message

    Hi, I've got an Auxillary Battery Warning message flashed up in my car this evening and the annoying thing is my car warranty expired last month. :mad: Anyone know how much it will cost to fix it by the dealer? I also understand there isn't a 2nd battery in the w205, so what can the problem...
  2. Philbask

    W124 Auxilary Water Circ Pump

    Hmmmm, puzzled and hope someone can shed a little light? The auxilary water circulating pump is not running, resulting in warm (ish) cabin temps! What I have found so far: I have a spare pump and the fault is there with both, pretty much eliminating the pump. Voltage checked at plug...
  3. J

    Chain like rattle, auxilary belt tensioner?

    I've only had the car awhile, but I've noticed say when parked near a wall, the resonance is very chainy, often squeaky... I've just changed the Oil with 5w-40 Fully Synthetic and the stuff that came out wasn't half bad, so I'd assume it isn't a tappet issue. There is a definately chainy...
  4. L

    where i can find an auxilary control unit on s430

    hello guys u have an s430 w220 and my fan is not working. i checked fuses. checked the fan motor. so fan itself is working.. now time to check the auxilary fan controller. where can i find it. so far i found that it is on the passenger side somewhere around the wing. how can i approach it.. from...
  5. Z

    Auxilary heater C220 CDI

    Does anyone know of/ or is aware of problems of failure of Auxilary heater. This is the heater that's supposed to warm engin coolant if its below 8 degrees C, found under the front drivers side wing. The previous owner said you are supposed to hear it when it kicks in! I definetly can't...
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