1. D

    CLS Auxiliary Battery

    Hi I recently had the red 'battery' symbol appear on screen on my 2006 CLS320 CDI with message to visit workshop, well I did a volt test on main battery with ignition off it is 11.9 volts and with engine running 14+ volts. a test on the auxiliary (once I discovered that there was such a thing)...
  2. D

    Auxiliary Battery dilemma

    Hi guys, my name's Bobby i own a Mercedes E300 Hybrid ESTATE . Few days ago i had the ''AUXILIARY BATTERY MALFUNCTION'' message on my dash and since then it's been painful times as i cannot find the location of said battery. Went to 2 garages, MB dealership, everyone is wild guessing, no one can...
  3. F

    Auxiliary battery malfunction

    Hi all, I'm in France at the moment, had a message displayed today saying that the auxiliary battery had malfunctioned. As far as I can see, the only problem seems to be that the eco stop/start isn't working. I've had a look on Google, and I don't think it's exactly an emergency, but can...
  4. Greenberg84

    S212 Facelift Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

    Hi Guys, Do any of you know the location of the Auxiliary Battery on a S212 Facelift E350 2013? And whether the Battery is a N 000 000 004 039 or a A 211 541 00 01? Photos or Documentation would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  5. Bobsta

    Driving C63 without auxiliary / serpentine / v-belt?

    Hi folks. The aux belt on my '09 C63 shredded this morning - lost power steering, battery light came on. Fortunately I was less than a mile from home so made it back OK. My local MB specialist garage is 2 miles / 5 mins away and I'm booked in for Monday morning. The question is - is it OK to...
  6. D

    CLS Auxiliary battery

    Hi I have a 2006 CLS320cdi and during the winter months I get message that convenience features are disabled to save battery power, or words to that effect. My question is does this refer to the battery in the boot or is there antoher battery to power things such as heated seats, heated window...
  7. Braincrank

    auxiliary coolant pump question.

    When and how long should that pump be running? I fitted a new one a couple of days ago and now I can hear it humming when I start the car on the morning and it runs more or less until the car reached its proper temperature . I never noticed it running before. I can hear the new pump humming...
  8. I

    Auxiliary heating set up?.

    Can somebody please help me? How do you set up the auxiliary heating on my car it's a c class s205 2015 someone said you do it through dash display?but I am unable to find out how to do it probably it's a simple operation
  9. A

    E250 W212 auxiliary battery

    Mine is a E250 CGI W212 2013. Auxiliary Battery Malfunction. Started to get this msg but still intermittent for a few days now. I have done this. I checked the voltages of both the starter battery and the auxiliary battery. With the engine off, the aux battery is 12.90 volt and the starter...
  10. B

    Auxiliary Battery change

    Im about to change my battery ,do i need to back up the ecu codes like when the main battery was changed , its a 2003 E220 Thanks Ray
  11. J

    Auxiliary belt replacement

    I need to change the aux bell on my clk, it's a 2006 220cdi, I have bought the replacement belt from euros, it's a continental 6PK 2260, now I'm no numpty but I can't get it on ! Locked the tensioner and tried everything, it's routed correctly ( I checked a photo I took to make sure) All the...
  12. H

    Auxiliary battery?

    Hi, I have a battery symbol that comes up on the dash of my ml 320 (2006) and been told this could be an aux battery problem, could anyone advise me on where this is and how do I check it and what does this battery do?
  13. D

    Playing MP3's via the auxiliary port

    Hi I haven't yet collected my Mercedes yet so I appologise for the question, when I take delivery I can obviously play around myself. It's a 2011 C-Class and was advertised as having an auxiliary port. I did look for this at the time in the glove box but couldn't find it (there were many other...
  14. DRBC43AMG

    Auxiliary fans W202 C43AMG

    Not sure is this is the right place for the query, but here goes anyway. Now that we have started a big heat wave which should continue over the next days, I noticed that only one auxiliary fan up front is in operation with the A/C engaged (necessary these summer days). The A/C was topped up...
  15. sliver

    CLK 2002 W209 auxiliary input

    Hi, I have a Mercedes CLK 2002 avantgarde coupe W209. I'm trying to find the auxiliary input everyone is talking about to connect my iPhone. Installed is command 2.0, exactly like this one and a CD changer in the glove compartment. Using the controls on the steering wheel I get the AUX...
  16. E

    Upgraded auxiliary coolin fan

    Hi All, could do with as much help/information as possible on this subject. I have put it on before but not much came back. Have just bought a ML 300cdi blue efficiency [W164] with a view to use for towing my caravan, I have found out that it could need the upgraded cooling fan as the one...
  17. ShaunB

    Auxiliary battery

    Guys What does the auxiliary battery actually control on the cars Mine is a CLK55 - 2004MY I'm having a weird issue with the automatic window dropping when you open the door. I'm pretty sure this battery has never been changed, given I replaced the main battery earlier in the year which was...
  18. Gollom

    Auxiliary socket for Audio 20

    SuzyCute now has her A-class and is smiling an awful lot!! What is the easiest way to get an auxiliary socket onto Audio 20 (older one - car is 2005)? She can use her MP3/phone then for music In an ideal world we would get COMAND, but too pricy :( Will also need handsfree so what...
  19. J

    2006 E320 Cdi 7G- What is the Auxiliary battery's function?

    As it says. Wondering what systems rely on the auxiliary battery. Thanks Jon
  20. J

    2006 W211 E320 Cdi 7G- What's the auxiliary battery's function?

    As it says. Wondering what systems rely on the auxiliary battery. Thanks Jon
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