1. Iddy112

    Auxillary Battery Malfunction

    Hi guys, Just had the auxillary battery malfunction light in my E63. Its a 2014 W212 on 21k. Anyone had this before? Is it just a case of replacing the aux battery in the boot? If so any recommendations of a good quality replacement that will stand the test of time? Thanks in advance Iddy
  2. K

    S211 Auxillary Battery cheap alternative

    Hi all, I've a 2003 E220 CDI Estate. I replaced the main battery of my car 6 months ago with Advanced 019 AGM Car Battery 95ah 900cca with 5yr Warranty. I think the original was 70Ah. For the last 2 days since weather has turned colder, the error message "Convenience features not...
  3. Peter103

    Auxillary Battery Malfunction?

    This message appeared when I started the car today, any suggestions as to why? Its my E 350 9 g Coupe,
  4. Was1

    Auxillary battery malfunction

    This warning message has popped up on my e class, can anyone help with what it is??
  5. Sheffield Col


    Hi. I just found out the auxillary jack socket in the glove box does not work, can anyone tell me witch fuse to check ? car is 09 C class c220 cdi saloon.
  6. Mikeyboy4

    No Auxillary connectors in glovebox....

    Hi Guys, I have a new E220 SE Exec which was acquired via the company car scheme. I was kinda expecting there to be some connectors in the glovebox but alas there isn't :( In the centre console storage box, there is what appears to be an iphone/pod connector. This is all fine and dandy but...
  7. M

    How to test a W124 auxillary fan?

    After coming precariously close to reaching 120c in a motorway tailback earlier today, I had a look at the viscous fan, which I think is dead (can be freely spun with the engine off, and continues freely rotating for a few seconds after the engines is switched off) To add insult to injury, the...
  8. CIL 7015

    New mb auxillary battery or motorcycle battery?

    Having, like many on the forum, suffered battery problems over the cold spell I eventually replaced the main battery in the boot of my w211 only to find that electrical consumers in the car still did not work. A check of the small front battery revealed no electolyte so was duly topped up and...
  9. philiggy

    changing 124 auxillary drive belt Damper

    Hi I've tracked the rattle on my engine down to the auxillary drive belt damper, an easy job I thought, however the bottom bolt hits the pulley:eek: Is there an easy way to do this or does the pulley have to come off? Cheers Phil
  10. Dave Richardson

    Auxillary 12volt socket in boot

    Hi everyone, This is my first posting on this forum so I'll start with a simple hello. I've just sold my first MB which was an A Class & bought a 2002 220 cdi coupe. My question is I'd like to fit a n auxillary 12 volt socket in the boot,as anyone else carried out this small mod ? If...
  11. F

    W124 Auxillary fan

    For Behr Air con factory fitted system, need just the one, please see picture.
  12. Andy W

    Auxillary belt tensioner

    I have decide to replace my tensioner assembly as I shall be getting rid of the car next month and the tensioner squelas like a pig. I have removed the assembly, rang the main dealer and he quoted me the part number 111 200 0770 for the tensioner assembly and 111 990 0053 for the nut that...
  13. D

    Auxillary Heater

    My 2001 E320 CDi has an auxillary heater. Purely for interest, how does it work? I presume it is diesel fired or is it an electric heater? If so where does it get its fuel supply? Does it need any service attention? Does it need venting after the cooling system is drained and refilled? How...
  14. G

    Where is the Auxillary port?

    I've got a Sept '04 registered C270 with a COMAND APS DVD fitted. I've read on the forums about the 'AUX' function and using the auxillary port. I've looked through the COMAND manual but can't find any reference to the auxillary port. Where can I find it?
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