1. D

    w124 back bumper inserts no longer avail

    mercedes yesterday said none avail and they will not make any the car should be marked uneconomical to repair and written off:wallbash:
  2. ivandraganov

    Abs warning,Esp not avail

    ABS and ESP warnings triggered while fast cornering.Any clue what might be the cause?
  3. D

    non runner w124 convertible avail for sale and parts

    anybody interested in sharing!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-Benz-W124-E220-Cabriolet-/111502755651?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item19f6150743
  4. C

    Cls 350 cdi sport - stop / start avail?

    Hi. I have ordered a cls 350 cdi sport in obsidian black. I was keen on the green credentials and especially the stop start technology but informed that this is not yet available on the 350 cdi model in the uk. The brochure says october 2011 and my car is currently due to be built in october...
  5. D

    w124 coupe being broken loads of parts avail

    mostly mechnical e 220 coupe, doors gone, there is some damaged ones rear hit so back is no good, engine gearbox exhaust diff shaft, leather interior biege cream other interior parts, pm for your needs
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