1. R

    HUD availability on new cars

    Good Morning All. Recently joined this great forum My order for my first MB is in, I'm going for the C300 cabriolet, shortly after placing the order the dealer tells me HUD won't be available. I really want this feature on the car so have deferred the build until it can be added After...
  2. Lenny63

    Dealer service history - availability through MB network

    Hi All I'm looking at a car at the moment which claims to have a FMBSH until two most recent in 2014/2015 The seller has simply a sheet with mileage a and dates , no stamped book or no invoices I contacted a MB dealer servicing dept who I know has services the car in 2013 and they...
  3. shaze30

    C43 amg gearbox options and availability

    Guys i think my gearbox is on its way out on my w202 c43 Takes longer to change gears and sometimes slips out of gear when driving So am looking into getting it replaced So what are my options? Are other gearboxes suitable? If so which ones and does anyone have a box available?
  4. E

    new e class availability

    Does anyone know when the upgraded w212 will be available in UK. I am due to replace my current e class in may but dealer won't confirm when they can deliver new one
  5. Sp!ke

    Law on Spares availability?

    Does anyone know the laws on vehicle spares availability? A friend of mine has a 4 year old Audi A4 that has recently broken down with an oil pump failure. Turns out to be a design problem with the shaft that drives the pump. Audi forums littered with people with the same issue. The oil pump...
  6. M

    E320 cdi Injector Part Number and availability

    Hi I have a 2006 E320 cdi V6 and was looking for info on replacement injectors. Could anyone give me the correct part number please? Also, when I called Euro Car Parts, they said that they don't do them - does anyone know where I could source them? Thanks in advance
  7. dog68

    iPhone 4s availability.

    I have ordered the 4s from vodaphone, but they are saying they are now out of stock :confused: anyone else waiting?
  8. lofty

    availability A class steering column parts

    I was given to understand from my MB branch earlier, that the lower section of the steering column complete with UJ was available separately. Although the information was correct, it only applies to left hand drive cars Problems on right hand drive cars the complete column has to be replaced...
  9. R

    UHI Phone Cradles, Availability?

    Does anyone know which UHI cradles are currently available to purchase now?
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