1. 219

    Novel way to avoid parking charges

  2. PenelopePitstop

    Should I avoid dealer Diamondbrite free paint protection?

    I ordered new car and noticed that Bodycare Premium was thrown in for free. I checked dealer website (Jardins) and it's Diamondbrite by Jewelultra. When I bought last used car, dealer thrown in Supagard or whatever Mercedes is offering as standard and I doubt it was ever applied because car...
  3. F

    Advice - Would you avoid a car missing a service?

    Hi all Was looking for some advice... Looking at a 171 SLK 55 AMG. Currently the car has 68k on the clock. From 2012 - 2014 no service was carried out and it covered 15k miles in between . After this period a major service was carried out..would this put you off purchasing the car?
  4. F

    Sat Nav - How does it know to avoid probs?

    Still loving the 2011 plate c220 and am constantly amazed by the tech. I set a destination on Sat Nav and after choosing route, it often changes and sends me on a different route because of problems. These are always roadworks but recently seemingly because of a crash that had closed motorway...
  5. Crazyfool

    **AVOID** Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Avoid the gift card like the plague! I was given a £25 gift voucher by my sister last November for my birthday. In order to activate the card, she had to pay a further £2.95, so in all my present cost her £27.95. The card has the Visa logo and on its website it states 'Vanilla Visa Gift Card...
  6. P

    W213 new E class.. Essential options and which to avoid?

    I've looking at getting a new E220d and whilst I'm more or less set on the spec I wonder if I'm speccing it to be the best car for value/ease of use. Clearly a base se with nothing on it will depreciate the least but is there a sweet spot? Firstly I'm torn over se and amg spec. I love the...
  7. smoothrider

    triple help!? or Avoid?

    Okay I'm stuck in middle of deepest darkest Brexit Britain! My girl (w126) needs some TLC. Usually as bare minimum I go for Autoglym Shampoo. Clay. AG polish and EGP. But! Without driving a hundred miles all I can get hold of is Triple Wax and Triple Wax self dry. Should I do it? Or just grit...
  8. J

    JR tuning - AVOID!

    Hey all, Just thought I'd have a little moan about my recent experience with JR tuning and hopefully warn anyone away from using them... I booked my c250 cdi coupe in to have a remap a few weeks back. I then drove two hours (each way) just to find that no one had turned up at JR at the...
  9. D

    Route Planning - Antwerp or Brussels to avoid ??

    Route Planning - Antwerp or Brussels ?? Just after some comments from experience from you guys on the best route to take.. Heading out to Holland - got 2 route options via Antwerp or via Brussels... (Brussels add around 30 miles to the overall route) Will be hitting either edge of the...
  10. D

    Buying options - Best way to avoid depreciation over 2/3 years

    Hi All I had purchased a W211 E220 approved used less then a year ago, spent money to ensure it was maintained perfectly (changed ATF etc), unfortunately its now been written off due to a non fault accident, really liked the car, the whole experience has put me off buying another nice car :(...
  11. Meldrew2

    Jet Parks, Manchester. Avoid!

    Looking on line for a postcode I found some worrying reviews for this car park. I phoned APH and they werenot prepared to move my booking to a more suitable airport car park. I have therefore sent them the following letter - I think it's self explanatory - hopefully I will be able to...
  12. RobertoMercini

    Defrosting an E250 to avoid damage

    Having searched the forums to no avail, does anyone have any advice on how to defrost the drop-down windows on an e250 without having to resort to oodles of chemicals? What I don't want to do is end up on a situation where the deicer hasn't yet worked and i go to open the door and bingo, the...
  13. Stratman

    Avoid Sunbury Cross tonight

    An ambulance has overturned, with a bit of help, on the roundabout and the traffic is gridlocked on all approaches. I'm over a mile away and the jam is disappearing into the distance away from the roundabout.
  14. simon1966

    WARNING EBAY SELLER - collect4free !!

    Hi All Some of you already know that I recently bought an E63 steering wheel with paddle shift as an upgrade on my E55. I bought it from a seller on ebay who I contacted for some detailed pictures as he only put one poor photo in the listing. He duly obliged and sent me some more photos...
  15. M


    Just a quick heads up for any one looking for a e55 amg. To save any one else wasting there time. Mercedes-Benz E Class E55 4dr Auto 5.4 car on arrival was sitting down at the rear Puddle of water/antifreeze gathered on the engine tray fresh Both sides of the car have been badly...
  16. ItalianTuneUp

    Extended warranty - buy or avoid?

    After getting an S320CDI last year and replacing all the obvious bits that needed replacing, the car is now in tip top condition, at least as far as I am aware. Parts for this car are expensive, and I was wondering whether taking out an extended warranty would be a good idea or not. A couple...
  17. I

    Avoid medical interventions on a Friday.

    As above, try to make sure you keep in good health Friday to Sunday, if you are so inconsiderate as to get ill, make sure it's a Monday. Joking aside I have seen some worrying figures, ranging from 12% to 24% increased mortality rates on weekend admissions/interventions. Mr Hunt is now...
  18. V

    Should I avoid these ??

    I'm fitting MB Amg monoblocs wheels : rear 265/35/18 and front 245/40/18 tyres to my S210 (2001 eclass estate) - do i need special bolts ? my current wheels are MB avantgarde 17' alloys........will existing wheel bolts fit ??:D Also will they fit in my wheel arches ?? thank you
  19. R

    2008 w204 C180K auto with 90k miles - common issues? avoid ?

    Hi All, New to the MB scene but am considering a W204 C180k auto, 2008 year. I have seen one with 90k miles and full MB service history, but am wondering if there are specific issues I should be looking out for, things that typically need replacing/can go wrong at the 90-100k mark etc. ? e.g...
  20. M

    500 SEC -- Possible or avoid like the plague !

    I have an XTrail which I dont use anymore so I wanted a nice cheaper Mercedes to potter around with.. I would guess less that 3k miles a year Anyway I spotted this is a garage - 1983(A) 500 SEC FH 2DR AUTO 5.0,140k,Very nice bodywork, Lots of Bills, Recent MOT £1400 I've had 200's, 300's...
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