1. st13phil

    Winner of the 2017 Q1 "Not My Job" Award

    You really couldn't make it up :doh: Drivers told to go SL
  2. M

    The Award For The Most Annoying Person Goes to?

    The muppet with Tesco 'dinging' trolley! Who's your award winner???
  3. grober

    Edinburgh's Eastern-Western win award.

    Of interest to some of our Scottish members?? Eastern Western Motor Group wins Mercedes-Benz Retailer of the Year award
  4. poormansporsche

    And the award for pointless option in a new car

    goes to : The Seat Leon and its door trims that illuminate red when the Sport mode is engaged :doh: Watch the advert!
  5. Spinal

    Mercedes High Mileage Award

    Found this on MB Canada: Mercedes-Benz Canada - Ownership - Customer Care Does MB UK have a similar scheme? I reckon the 250,000 mile award is quite achievable... The 500,000 may need a regularly serviced vehicle :p The million mile award... hmm tough; but still doable! Question...
  6. Sorry Pete

    Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

    This is actually pretty clever :D <object width="873" height="525"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  7. grober

    Fiat "Ecodrive" wins Auto Express Award

    Fiat's innovative Ecodrive has just won a place in the annual Auto Express Awards. What I like about it is its simplicity which may encourage/allow people to use it.:thumb: It employs Fiats " Blue&Me" USB interface to download car running data to a PC for subsequent analysis to help drivers...
  8. Godot

    Compilation of Potential Darwin Award Winners! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::devil::devil:
  9. Satch

    Darwin Award Candidate It would have been better for humanity if he had just cut that little bit deeper
  10. A

    Clarksons award on TV

    Did anyone see clarksons award on TV, Lewis presenting it Great:bannana:
  11. pammy

    CLS wins top Top Gear award

    According to my Spring 06 Mercedes mag the CLS has been awarded the Luxury car of the year award from Top Gear :bannana: Top banana to MB:bannana: And apprently the S class has been given the best saloon award:bannana:
  12. Flyer

    Darwin Award Nominee ...

    Just been out to visit a client. I was driving along a standard A road (30mph), cars parked on the opposite side, with cars driving on that side, so they were straddling the center line. Just enough room for two cars to pass each other. Into view comes Mr DeathWish on his bike, on *my* side...
  13. R

    Should Kelly Holmes get some public award?

    Should Kelly get to be a Dame or get an OBE etc for doing so well afterall Seb Coe did and David Beckham has?
  14. R

    Got a mileage award (actually 2!)

    Once upon a time Mercedes Benz sacked some dealers dealers and the dealers had to do something else. Some just sold up. One dealer sold his building to a different marque and when they explored the store room they found two mileage awards!!! (Yes, you've been told they dont exist as well!)...
  15. Maff

    Best Performance Engine of the year award Yep, the AMG SC 55 series!
  16. Sp!ke

    High Mileage Award

    For those that didnt know.... This site has also got some particularly good technical stuff, a definate gold mine if you have a W124.
  17. Sp!ke

    High Mileage Award

    For those that didnt know.... This site has also got some particularly good technical stuff, a definate gold mine if you have a W124.
  18. M

    Tw@t of the month award Just read the first (CAPs'd) post Then have a look at this forum: Global retribution is sweet Allow an hour or two to read ! Mark
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