1. stwat

    Be aware of your children on social media

    I was looking through my twitter feed, as you do. I noticed a follower had posted a picture, which I clicked on. A rather provocative picture to say the least. I posted in jest, 'Careful as someone will photoshop that into a porno pic'. The reply from the poster shocked me to the core and...
  2. Pontoneer

    Something to be aware of

    BBC News - Drivers face new surprise 'repair' motorway fees
  3. J

    buying a ML270... any tips/things to be aware of?

    evening folks! I've viewed 6 ML270s over the last few days, all 2004/2005 models, every one of the had rust of some description, 5 of them on the arches and the other had a couple of scabs on the door.... is this a known problem or am i looking in the wrong place? Where should i be looking for...
  4. Gollom

    CompareTheMarket - be aware...

    SuzyQ is renewing the insurance on her Ka - I went on GoCompare for her and got a range of prices. She went on CompareTheMarket and all her prices were around £50 cheaper!! So, she selected Admiral as the best value and tried to buy - their website said she had to call. This is where it got...
  5. C

    W203 C180k MAF Errors - Be aware

    Hi MB owners. I've just resolved a problem on my W203 coupe which might me of interest to other W203 owners. ODB Scanner was reporting the usual P0171 and msisfire codes so like most people I rushed out and brought a Bosch MAF (£230!). Replaced the MAF but still no better (rough idle and poor...
  6. D

    Are you aware of this, Londoners?

    £33 to fund the Olympics. :eek: The 2012 Olympic martyrs: 'We'll go to jail rather than pay £33 Games tax', say pensioners
  7. J

    Mercedes aware of the problem?

    I was talking to a Mercedes-Benz Owners' Association official last friday and he said that Mercedes have had problems with the steering on the E320 petrol (W211). Can anyone enlighten me further on this please. Either on this forum or E-mail me at:
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