1. acej

    GTS vs F type R AWD

    Get passed the 1st bit and there's are really interesting track comparison.
  2. The _Don

    AWD for next C63

    4wd amgs for the uk Next C-Class AMG will be first to add 4Matic option for UK buyers
  3. W

    170mph 320bhp 4-door AWD 0-60mph 5.6s - £29995

    A lot of car for the money...... Vauxhall Insignia VXR to outgun M5 | Autocar
  4. city lights

    RWD vs. AWD

    How safer is all wheel drive than rear wheel drive? Considering W 204 I see that there is C 200 CDI, considering performance it is quite good, but it is RWD and the only AWD model is W 204 C 320 CDI, if I was about to buy one which one would you reccomend? Considering safety, is AWD better than...
  5. guydewdney

    Volvo V70 AWD and TVR Chimeara

    2000 VOLVO V70 2.4 5dr Xc Estate, Petrol, 64,500 miles, . AWD. Dark metallic green, Dual zone climate, full Volvo SH, 11 months MOT. 5 months Tax. Sand leather. 64K miles. CD / Tape player, 4 good tyres. Just had major service. Located in Tring, Herts. 64500 miles. 5 Speed manual, cruise...
  6. guydewdney

    Volvo V70XC 2000 AWD £9495

    Volvo V70XC 2000 AWD £9200 ovno 12 months MOT 6 months tax new volvo replaced engine, still under warranty. 'Old' shape (metal grille, not plastic grille) Pic to follow - selling for friend whos working in Germany. Full SH
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