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    Touring: Lochs Etive, Leven, Linnhe and Awe

    Yesterday AM I went on my tour. My reasoning was I wanted to get a nice morning shot at Loch Etive, which is a good 2hr drive away. I was up at 530am and on the road for 6am. I decided I'd also try light painting my car, I have an emergency torch in the car. I used to carry it in the shed, and...
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    V6 AWE for sale, on retention.

    V6 AWE I've owned the plate since it was released by the DVLC. It's now on the retention form with the next transfer fee already paid. Open to offers. The 'V8' version sold for very silly money 2 years ago but I'm expecting a sensible, reasonable price only, to someone who will lovingly...
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