1. balge

    an awkward fact or two

    knighterrant after sleeping for forty years, came up with this... "The words 'cap' and 'fit' come to mind. FYI, immigrants are all firstly foreigners who come to the UK usually with the intention of setting up permanent residence. They don't necessarily become British Citizens. Until that...
  2. @MARK

    Olympics, BMW and just about the right level of awkwardness

    So I got a phone call from my not quite so local BMW dealership the other day telling me I had won the runners up prize in their Facebook competition held before Christmas :bannana: So this morning we headed down to said dealership to collect our prize. Unfortunatly the prize didn't have 4...
  3. A

    Fly off brake release can be awkward to release... W211

    Hello The foot brake if operated and then use the fly off release doesn't always work first time. It's takes a few goes of the handle to release? What does this mean? Does something need replacing? Thanks in advance
  4. Jukie

    Warning - may cause offence (or awkward questions from minors)

    But it made me smile..... :cool:
  5. E CLASS

    The Awkward Moment When Your Friends Fat Arm Makes You Look Naked

    Was sent this and thought it was pretty freaky!
  6. D

    W202 - Awkward driving position for short drivers?

    Are there any female 5ft drivers of the W202 out there? Can you drive the c-class w202 comfortably? I am asking on behalf of my petite wife who is 5 foot. With the seat fully forward and adjusted as comfortably as possible, she still cannot reach the pedals adequately. She is able to drive...
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