1. bob6600

    Halfords 3T Ratchet Axle Stands Half Price @£14.99

    Might be of use for someone, I have a set of these and they are good. Halfords Website eBay link
  2. S

    Jacking up rear of W212 and axle stands

    Just in case this is of any use, I had all my wheels off to paint calipers at the weekend. I used the jacking pad mid engine to place an axle stand under the front, but could not find anything similar on the rear. In the end, i jacked up each side and placed axle stands as shown in the pics...
  3. L

    e55 finned cooler rear axle

    Wanted finned cooler plate which bolts on bottom of rear axle part no A230 351 17 08 to fit 2004 e55k estate or price new thanks
  4. S

    w124 axle help!

    hey guys new to the forum here and I was wondering if I can get a little help finding the correct axle for my car I am also from the us so I have a 1989 300CE US spec car, and I recently converted it to manual taken off of a 190e here in the US, but little did I know at the time the...
  5. L

    2007 CLS 320 front passenger stub axle

    Hey guys Changed both the front wheel bearings on my CLS the other week and noticed that someone has been at the stub axle with a grinder, obviously trying to get a previous bearing off. Has anyone got a stub axle, or know of where to source one? Thanks Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  6. A

    Axle stands on AMG

    Hi I'm after swapping the fronts to backs and can't find anywhere I can put the axle stands. My car is a A250 with AMG kit. I've figured out the jacking points, you have to pull out a couple of covers to access the lift points, but with the underside of the car completely covered with paneling...
  7. T

    CLS Axle Stand Point

    Silly question time, I had a look under a CLS today, I could see each of the 4 jacking points, I think I'd get a jack pad to lift it up. But it was not obvious where the axel stand points were? Does anyone have any photos or description of where I put axel stands, on a W219?
  8. bob6600

    Halfords Advanced 3 Tonne Ratchet Axle Stands £14

    Less than half price, just ordered a set even though I don't need them :thumb: CLICKY
  9. T

    Axle Stand positions for a CLK C209

    Hi, Does anyone know the best position to place Axle Stands when lifting the front of the car? One site describes placing them under the front chassis for the W210, is the approach for the C209 the same? Is there any way to identify the most appropriate place to position them on each side? Thanks
  10. merkydes

    w123 rear axle parts saloon/estate

    Hello im slowly doing olive a 1983 230E saloon up as time money and health permit, so far I’ve replaced 80% of front suspension and steering and am now concentrating my efforts on the rear.. Searched many forums and now have a good idea of what I need to do!.. Bushes bearings etc. Im...
  11. MB-BTurbo

    Wheel spacers on thereat axle only?

    Would this be OK on this? Only thinking about 10mm each side (20mm in total). Are there any reasons for this not being done?
  12. D

    s124 rear axle front subframe mount

    One of these, the driver's side, is in a terminal condition. The curved triangular mount is on the point of coming away from the chassis. The chassis "looks" okay but only once the joint is cleaned up to bare metal will all become clear. I am thinking that if the rear subframe/axle needs to be...
  13. N

    Axle stand position on the W203 ('01 CLK 320)

    does anyone have a visual from underneath of where to use a hydraulic jack for lifting and where to position axle stands on the car. Even better if there is a central lifting point to get the whole front/back in the air at the same time? Many thanks in advance.
  14. M

    Rear axle problem

    Hi , I start by saying hi to all as a new member , and to see if anyone can help with my sprinter axle problem .Today while out my van broke down and it seems the rear axle is not driving the wheels any more ,it's a 2002 auto model single wheel with abs ,I have taken the information from the...
  15. S

    W210 Rear Axle Swap

    I'm mad but I've just taken in a W210 E320 Avantgarde with a broken rear axle, snapped totally. The lure of the car was that the rest of it is a peach, every inch including the engine. We all know how these love to rot but this has nothing on the body, not an ounce and from getting underneath...
  16. U

    SLK R170 (98) front stub axle & bearing float

    Hi all, Following lots of useful info on here I decided to replace the front hubs on the wife's SLK as the local garage advised me at mot that both front bearings had play and were a little noise / rough. They quoted £295 per side (or at least that's the impression I had following a long list...
  17. M

    R129 sl500 axle weights

    Can anyone tell me the axle weights for a r129 SL500? I need the weights that are shown on the door pillar sticker. Many thanks
  18. M

    R129 sl500 axle weights

    Can anyone tell me the axle weights for a r129 SL500? I need the weights that are shown on the door pillar sticker. Many thanks
  19. Abdul

    Brand new OE W210/W202/W208 55 AMG front axle disks and pads

    Hi guys, Have the above for sale including brand new pad wear sensors (pagid). Disks and pads are MB items. I'm after £200 collected from Ilford, Essex. I have brand new pads from ECP for the front axle also, they're either Pagid or Textar, will update later. I'll chuck these in for...
  20. P

    rear axle service

    Hi does anyone know what oil Mercedes recommend for the rear axle on my w211 e320?. many thanks Kevin.
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