1. E

    Hello from windy and wet Ayrshire

    Hi All Put my R170 SLK back on road yesterday and think it deserves some love and attention So where to start. Look forward to advice from those who know more than me
  2. S

    Touring: Ayrshire and the Borders

    Friday night was immense, my mate, his Mrs and I ate a massive amount of curry, ice cream. Kebabish on Victoria Road comes very highly recommended and Tchaivona in Glasgows West End does too for Shisha and tea. Anyway we hatched a plan for a tour and as the night was glorious we thought we'd be...
  3. C

    Hello from Ayrshire

    Hi All, Just registered, thought I'd introduce myself. Andy from Troon, Ayrshire. I'm on my second Mercedes now, a 98 SLK 230 in Vivianite Green. First Merc I had was a E200, year 2000 model. Man I loved that car but Mr Rust loved it even more than me. I love this SLK but it's got a...

    Good indie in e ayrshire

    I have not owned my CL600 for long, to me it looks and sounds perfect,however, to set my mind at rest I took it to my local indie for them to give it a good coat of looking at. They checked everything,in all but name an MOT,the charge? nothing. I thought any members in this area of Scotland...
  5. flango

    Fantastic Food In Ayrshire

    Just thought I would post this in case anyone finds themselves in Ayrshire near Kilmarnock. I have been up there on business today and was taken to lunch by the client. We went HERE now I used to go to the Craigie quite often when I lived in Scotland and it was good, but now it has new owners...
  6. 219

    W124 E200 estate breaking Ayrshire

    My pal James , who seems to come across a number of these cars is breaking yet another W124 E200 estate This car is Nautic blue , a 1995 car on an M reg , grey cloth 7 seat interior and Mercedes 8 hole alloy wheels . I have not yet seen the car but will take and post a few pictures when...
  7. watsone91


    Anybody found a decent honest independant mercedes repair specialist in Ayrshire need some work done dont know who to trust thankx in advance :)
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