1. clk320x

    CLK55 Backbox Fitting

    Quick question before I splash the cash, Anyone fitted a CLK55 backbox to a 320 V6 or similar.. Assume it should make exhaust louder/ nicer tone? Seems like it should be a straight forward fit at any exhaust shop? Cheers Abs
  2. G

    IPE Exhaust Backbox Valvetronic c63

    IPE Backbox with mid pipe for C63 , with 2 remotes to control the valves £1500 collection from London Clapham SW12 Pm me for info
  3. A

    W202 Remus backbox

    Bought to fit to my W202 C class but sold car and never got round to fitting it. Appears to be stainless tips with chrome coating but some of the chrome has come off. £40 ono Postage will be around £20 Location: Blackburn, Lancashire
  4. poormansporsche

    F/S C43 Backbox adapted for 4/6 Cylinder

    got a genuine c43 backbox for sale. it been adapted to fit a 4 or 6 cylinder. Average condition tips Can chuck in a centre box as well looking for £150 collected from SE London Pics to follow Regards Brett
  5. Howard

    W208 CLK430 Backbox

    For sale A w208 clk430 Backbox , professionally cut from the car , no jagged edges. Pipe diameter is ( iirc ) 3 inch and would slot over the pipe work of a v6 or 4 cylinder car. Failing that adapters are cheap enough. The actual tailpipe is oval and is satin black ( as the 430...
  6. alexanderfoti

    C63 AMG Exhaust backbox wanted

    As above Tips need to be in good condition. Only need the rear section. Many thanks
  7. poormansporsche

    Do cars actually run ok without a backbox whatsoever ??

    ive changed my cat as was noisy now the car is spluttering and making a terrible noise . the garage thinks either the backbox or the centre box is blocked with the innards of the disintergrated cat. Ive ordered a replacement centre box bust just want to try fitting it without the weld on backbox...
  8. d w124

    S124 remus backbox

    Mercedes Remus Backbox | eBay The seller also has some monoII alloys for 124s
  9. K

    C63 back box for my 2002 cl500?

    Hi fellow Mercedes owners!:bannana: I have my 2002 CL500 which I LOVE! BUT...... I am in that phase of wanting more OOMPH from the V8. I have already booked an appointment to remove my cats as they are making a rattling noise and rather than replace with new catalytic converters, I might as...
  10. noogieman

    WTB C36 AMG backbox

    looking for a c36 muffler. should be in great condition, undamaged and rustfree from a late MY car. anyone have a spare for sale? let me know thanx
  11. O

    C63 exhaust backbox onto a E55k?

    Hi all, I am thinking to get more noise out of my E55, i have heard the sound of of brothers C63, i just want to know is it possible to fit the C63 backbox or system onto a e55? What sort of work involved and what sort of sound do it expect from it alone. I have been thinking to get the...
  12. Niks

    W124 AMG Backbox

    AMG dual backbox for 6 Cyl M104 3.2 £550 Cash on collection
  13. d w124

    W124 Remus backbox

    Remus Exhaust Mercedes W124 300-24/ 320 E Class 6 Cylinder AMG | eBay
  14. G

    "decatting" or removing baffles from the backbox...

    Hello, I have a couple of stupid ideas - as you do when your a yobo with a W215 CL firstly, how much do the precats actually do compared to the main cats? are they sufficient to pass an mot with a hot engine for example or do you need the main cats? secondly, i've not got resonator boxes -...
  15. M

    2000 E320 CDI Estate Exhaust Backbox Wanted.

    I'm looking for a backbox for my 210 E320 CDI estate. It's the barrel type that is slung horizontally along the back. The usual problem of a broken bracket off the backbox means it can't be attached. Presently it's held up to the exhaust shield (with extra washers under the bolts holding the...
  16. arkamelis

    w210 backbox

    hello dam its been a while since iv been on the site, shows just how well mercs are built. if anyone can help, was after a backbox for my 2001 w210 cdi avantgarde, its failed its Mot the bracket has come away from the box and it carnt be welded, so if cheaply as pos anybody has one...
  17. d w124

    Sebring backbox for 210 ESTATE

    As ^ Sebring performance backbox for an estate 210 This was made for the 320cdi but can be fitted to other 210 Estates to Kept it for years for my estate project but found another solution so this is up for grubs Looking for £400 and pick up from SE23 London
  18. d w124

    Sebring backbox for C124

    As ^ sebring backbox in new condition for E220 124 coupe but can easily be fitted to saloons Price £350 and pick up from SE23 London Will post pictures tomorrow
  19. Howard

    Cheapy Cheapy AMG backbox - be quick though !

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  20. d w124

    C43 AMG backbox

    In very good condition,I'll post some pictures soon Looking for £150 & it must be picked up from SE23 London
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