1. Braincrank

    backfire ??

    I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where to start ... For quite some time now I notice that when I drive on the motorway and I take my foot of the gas then from 2.5k to 2k rpm the engine dose a ticking noise that sounds like a little backfire ... As soon as the refs...
  2. W

    'Backfire' issue, any help gratefully received!

    Hi everyone, I'm coming to you cap in hand for any advice, and help, you could give me, regarding an ongoing issue I have with my '94 S124 E280. I recently inherited this car from my father, who had owned it for over 10 years. When it came to me, it had a hideous misfire, which it had...
  3. B


    I'm a newbie and would like to say hi to you all. problem is backfire from my 1984 r107 280sl, any idea of cause, it just died, then restarted on key, then backfired, please help if you can!!
  4. T

    Lpg backfire

    Hi folks got a 300ce with single point LPG fitted. Seems to be running lean and backfires on low revs. Popping out the idle valve rubber pipe or rubber seal on the injection system. Anybody has similar issues and have a better understanding of the root cause of my troubles. I'm in south ayrshire...
  5. c200_impressor

    W202 erratic idle on cold start & backfire

    Hi. Need some advice.... I have a 1998 C200 W202 which idles erratically between around 500 and 1500 rpm on a cold start. Also the engine seems to 'kick' when driving and occasionally 'pops' which i guess is a backfire. The problem clears after a few minutes once the engine warms up. I have...
  6. c200_impressor

    Engine backfire. Please help!

    Hi. I need some advice... My C200 1998 W202 (manual) is backfiring intermittently and 'hesitates' under acceleration... especially when accelerating in 3rd gear. I've put in new spark plugs, new air filter, new ignition leads and new ignition coils but the problem remains. I've no idea...
  7. C

    W123 230E Backfire

    Yesterday the only problem I had with my w123 was the fact that it was losing vacuum when parked, so after checking all the doors and reservoir I decided to check the pipe going to the manifold. I removed the complete air filter housing and then the rubber pipes underneath, cleaned them all up...
  8. S

    Backfire in cat on kickdown

    I've got a problem with my '97 W210. If i'm driving at about half throttle, when i give it a bit more accelaration i get a backfire inside the cat and a hesitation before the car will pick up. I've also noticed that the car is very sluggish when cold. I've also noticed that the autobox seems...
  9. W

    C180 - Engine Misfire / Backfire

    Guys Looking for some advice :confused: The car seems to have the following problems that relate to its running and I’d appreciate your thoughts. I’ll show the results in the different situations:- Idle in P - Lumpy, dips every few seconds and fire up again D - Sounds like it's...
  10. B

    Shock for Ferarri F1 Team as changes backfire

    !! Ferrari Pit Crew !! > > The Ferrari Formula 1 Team fired their entire pit crew yesterday. > > The announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the > British Government's "Work for the Dole" scheme and employ a group of > lads from Glasgow. > > The decision...
  11. KLP 92

    Exhaust noise. Sounds like a half backfire???

    My 500sl 1982 model has come back from a full service inc spark leads, distributor cap and rotor arm replacement. I 've had a Longlife exhaust fitted 8 months ago and now i've seem to have a problem. When i start the car i get a slight popping noise from my rear box. Sounds like a half...
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