1. L

    203 Front brake backing plates

    Two unused brake backing plates for the 203 front axle. Still in their original wrapping. MB part numbers: A2034200244 A2034200144 £25 for the pair. "][/URL]
  2. Farmer boy

    Backing up music from comand

    I am looking for help with making a backup of the music stored on my cars hard drive. I have a 2016 S205 PP with comand. In the armrest I have SD slot and 2 USB slots. When I had a BMW 5 series I was able to backup the music onto a large USB stick. Is it possible to back up the comand drive? I...
  3. F

    W201/W202 Rear brake backing plates

    Need a pair of these for my 190 build. Preferably in good condition. Cheers Stefan :)
  4. LittleG

    Rusty backing plates

    Hey People, I've just picked my car up this morning after having some H&R springs fitted and the car feels and looks great. However after doing the discs and pads in the summer I noticed the disc backing plates were.....a little past there best shall we say, and now it sounds like they are...
  5. Spinal

    Backing up iPhone Contacts

    I need to upgrade my phone (read transfer to a new phone) and want to export my contacts... The new phone is NOT an iPhone, and will happily read vCards or CSV files... That said, I can't figure out how to export from the iPhone... iCloud doesn't work as many contacts come from sync'ed...
  6. W

    Disk pads seperated from backing plate

    So I put my seldom used SLK into the dealer for a peace of mind check and commented on a squeek coming from the brakes when foot not on pedal - usually caused by an edge on the pad causing vibration. The pads and disks are 2.5 years old (5k miles) and proper Merc parts fitted by main dealer...
  7. greggster

    Backing up a Home Network Drive

    Hi all, i am going mad:crazy: I have an Iomega media drive at home (essentially a mini server) which i have all of my files on - music, photos, files etc. About 55GB in all. I want to back this up daily and have been around the houses so much for the last few days my brain aches. So far...
  8. W

    Backing up and reformatting laptop

    Hi everyone, My 2.5 year old IBM ThinkPad T43 has been getting very slow and cluttered over the last few months/year. I'm hoping to reformat and reinstall the OS (Windows XP) later this evening. IBM/Lenovo appear to list most drivers (later versions too) on their website, so that should...
  9. PaulE230

    MB number plate backing plates , How do I attach them to the car

    Thanks in advance. .
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    Backing the underdog - can you help save a re-homing centre?

    This is a blatent an unappologetic plea for your support of a good cause... Today was not a good day for the Retired Greyhound Trust. It seems that their 'Daybreaks Kennels' centre near Birmingham Airport is under threat of closure from Solihull Council. Despite provisionally agreeing the...
  11. Alfie

    Backing up Teleatlas CD's

    As some of you know I dabble in the supply of COMAND units. Recently I decided to purchase an up to date Teleatlas disk for my own COMAND. Having spent £188 (including postage) on the Michelin variety I was keen to back it up in case it got damaged. Having previously backed up my 2004 disk I...
  12. jaymanek

    Backing up your Phone Contacts

    I just read an article about how most people only have their contacts on their phone... If i lost my phone, i think id be in deep trouble... Sooo I have a Nokia 6230... I borrowed a Nokia USB cable (from another of my brothers nokia phones) and downloaded software from Nokia site... However...
  13. Tony M

    Backing up a Sat Nav Disc

    I have one of the latest discs which has copy protection. I wish to make a back up copy for my own use. I have tried using an assortment of copy sortware but even these programmes can't copy the disc. Any computer Gurus that can advise me how to do it ?
  14. KillerHERTZ

    New plates & Backing boards

    Just finished fitting 2 new font style plates (GB ones) onto black backing plates. These are the plates which virutally all new Merc's come with, and make the car look loads better. Backing plates = £2 each 8x Sticky pads = 15p each 2x new plates = £17.02
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