1. steve333

    Dashboard backlight

    Does anyone knowchow to brighten or dim the dashboard backlight on an r171 slk(owners manual still not arived from dealer),thanks for any help!
  2. M

    Cockpit controls backlight illumination help?

    Hello MBClub members, This is my first post and I am hoping some of you might be able to help with a frustrating problem :wallbash:. I purchased a CLK230 W208 back in summer and as I like a tipple in the evenings I did not notice this problem until the winter darkness set in. I have no back...
  3. Druk

    Audio 20 backlight.

    The display letters are dim in daylight on Audio 20 in my 211. It was suggested on the Owners Forum that strong light be shone at the sensor (s?) and that would reset the display. That doesn't work for me and I'm not sure if what I'm doing is even correct. It's not even April 1st. :doh: Can...
  4. S

    audio 20 dim backlight

    What is wrong with the radio in my car its a audio 20 and works fine but its so dim i can not read the screen i have tried turning my reset button left blanks the screen and right lights it up but still very very dim could it be a bad earth also my screen is slightly warm to touch when radio in...
  5. RaceDiagnostics

    heater control panel backlight bulb (450SL)

    Does anyone know the part number for these bulbs?
  6. Gucci

    Speedo backlight bulbs gone

    So on went on one side - an annoyance, but today a second bulb has gone - plunging the speedo into darkness at night. Is this an easy fix? - oh, and while I'm at it - quite fancy some white dials :)
  7. M

    W210 Dashboard backlight

    2000 w reg estate Lamp failure warning came up, thought it would be the brake lamp as usual. However it wasn't until I drove at night that I realised it was the dashboard backlight. Got the cluster out and changed the two relevant bulbs. However problem is not solved. I did notice that when I...
  8. A

    Backlight on climate control

    Its gone again, and i'm not sure if its a fuse or the bulb? If i had to change the bulb would i have to remove the whole dash? (It was a fuse last time) but it doesn't work when i put in a new fuse :(
  9. jpskiller

    Backlight Illumination

    couple of questions if I may ive just fitted a duchalet caret console, and i noticed that on my old console next to where the speedo cable goes was a kinda sensor which just slides in, this was not on the replacement console, so i removed the plastic bit and fitted this sensor does anyone know...
  10. iamamanc

    HOW TO Change Backlight on Headlight Switch W124

    1994 W124 E300D I did quite a lot of searching on this subject and nobody seemed clear if a W124 had back illumination around the headlight switch and headlight sinker/raiser or not. Well I can tell you at least mine does. This is how they are changed First of all get a good grip on the actual...
  11. M

    W208 Instrument Cluster Backlight Problem

    Hi, When I am driving at night I dim the instrument cluster backlight down and it has always stayed that way when I switch the lights on. Recently it has been comming on at its brightest when I start the car again after a short stop. I dim it down and it is fine until I make another short...
  12. mickl

    backlight on the odometer

    the backlight has gone on the odometer in my car. The surrounding warning lights are on fine and the mileage is still counting. Does anyone know if this just requires a replacement bulb or is it something more serious?
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