1. V

    Backup Camera Retrofit - CLS55

    Anybody done this or know the best place to get this done?
  2. GLK

    FOR SALE: Albion CLOUD Backup + Share 3yr plan

    I have an unwanted, unopened (obviously) Albion iStore CLOUD Backup + Share pack, prepaid for 3yrs (happy to provide a copy of the original invoice). The backup is unlimited, and includes 500GB "Sharing Briefcase", accessible from all your computers. More info here: Albion Cloud...
  3. Dave Richardson

    Mobile phone backup program, which do you use

    I'm looking for a program that I can use to back up my Samsung S3 mobile phone contacts & pics to the pc. Not really into Cloud based stuff so looking for a simple program free or one off payment that'll simply do the job. Which program do you use ? Dave
  4. 4

    w211 270 cdi 2004 backup camera????

    I want to install backup camera to my car .i have aux port in glove box .can i use it to install camera ???? Thanks in advance.
  5. DSM10000

    Unstable PC and unable to run a back-up

    My Windows 7 (Home Premium edition) laptop is now 3 years old and is showing all the usual Windows signs of age. Programs are taking longer to open, IE is unstable and often crashing as well as not opening full size (Auto-sizer will not always fix this either. The plan was to reinstall...
  6. ringway

    Cloud Backup.

    Having just had another near catastrophe with the hard drive failing on my (less than 12 months old) Toshiba i7 laptop, can anyone recommend a reliable Cloud Storage site, please? Ideally, I would like to be able to access my stored data from my mobile phone and laptop when not in the office...
  7. Spinal

    Online Backup Redux

    Right, so my Mozy subscription expired and it turns out they don't do "unlimited" backup plans any more (after I spent years saying how good they were). So I had a look around, and can't find anyone that still does while maintaining a degree of security. LiveDrive are interesting, but the...
  8. Whitey

    Online Backup

    Guys Anyone use on-line backup services ? I need about 250GB for photos. I am aware that for the same monthly cost, I can buy/burn DVDs, but these soon add up when shooting RAW files/video. Looking at but it seems a bit cheesy for some reason ! Thanks Chris
  9. mercmanuk

    pc automatic backup

    just tried the trial 30 day version of ALTARO BACKUP FS and i must say its awsome,very easy to use ,make real file backup not encrypted ,very simular to apple system which is the best out there.ive tried about 15 programmes all crap but this is great.the only drawback is the cost of £80,so...
  10. Howard

    Iphone backup please

    Hi all I am experiencing problems with my Iphone 3GS. Basically , when i am in my house i can't dial out and people can't call me , it seems to be a dead spot ( has only been for the last couple of days though ) , i can text though. Anywhere else in the world appears to be fine. I...
  11. ShinyF1

    HTC Wildfire S backup problem

    Dear all My daughter dropped her phone on Friday and the screen has cracked, but it has also stopped responding. We can get it repaired reasonably cheaply and quickly but will lose the data as the phone will be factory reset. Problem is the phone has defaulted to 'Charge Only' when you plug...
  12. M

    Advice on W203(2001) COMAND 2.0, Aftermarket Head Unit & Backup Camera

    Hi guyz, I am new to this website and new to the Mercedes club. I just bought a Mercedes W203 2001 C200 which only has a Radio Audio 10. After going through couple of websites I got to know that it can be upgraded into a Mercedes COMAND 2.0 or to a aftermarket head unit such as...
  13. C

    2006 E350 Backup Battery

    Had the battery warning light on the cluster and it's def the backup battery in engine bay:( I'm just about to replace the little AGM battery in the engine compartment. Is there anything to watch out for before / while I do this ?
  14. jaymanek

    Cloud type backup service?

    Which ones do people use? Probably a fair bit of data I want to backup..... Tried but the site seems really slow.
  15. GordonTarling

    Backup solutions

    We have a small home network, which uses a Netgear NAS for storage - it uses two 1.5tb drives in RAID configuration and is almost at 50% capacity at the moment. The problem I'm having is finding a fast and reliable way to back up the data on this NAS. I did try connecting a USB hard drive to the...
  16. A

    Norton Anto Virus 360, Backup software and Bluetooth Headset For Sale

    Norton 360 Boxed / sealed. £15 delivered Backup software boxed and sealed. £10 delivered Bluetooth Headset New and sealed, designed for iPhone sure would work with any other bluetooth phone £15 delivered.
  17. GordonTarling

    NAS Backup Software

    I've been using Acronis True Image to back the contents of our NAS to a hard drive connected to my PC. However, I'm not very happy with that software - it takes 12 hours to back up 460gb! - so, I'm looking for alternative software that doesn't cost a fortune, is available in a trial version and...
  18. corned

    Windows Backup is getting my back up.

    I am running WinXP with all current updates. I occasionally ran the backup utility in the past and it was quite happy to run, if rather slowly. However the last couple of times I have tried to run it, I set all the parameters and get it off, but nothing happens bar the backup file being...
  19. Piff

    NAS back-up woes

    Bought a Buffalo Linkstation NAS a few weeks ago. Attached to network & software installed on main pc. Due to struggling with windows back-up scheduling, used the system within the Buffalo software and it seems to work - each day it kicks into life, chugs away & reports back-up complete. Have...
  20. allias

    Back-up camera with aftermarket unit.

    Has anyone tried to install "ebay backup camera" with aftermarket units? Im looking to sell my Command system and upgrade it to Pioneer 2DIN system with option for that kind camera. I hate lack of visibility on a back of my estate so it might became very usefull with such a option.
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