1. M

    Electric seat not moving backwards

    Hi guys, as per title, my drivers seat won't move backwards. When I picked the car up at the weekend it moved back 3 inches or so and then stopped dead. It wouldn't move forward or backward from then. T Today I removed the seat base and tried tapping the motor but this had no effect. I...
  2. T

    Backwards Intro

    Hi, I jumped straight in with a post in another section, but thought I best remember my manners & do a proper intro! Just bought my first MB (a W204 C180K) and looking forward to upgrading a few of the parts to make it a bit more sporty. Not had much experience of car DIY, so will no doubt...
  3. alanuk400

    Backwards Cars

    I came across this, Backwards cars?! There are 17 pages, some look better than the originals Alan
  4. M

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible RARE!!

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible, with 4 usb slots & combined card reader, very RARE!! £150 posted... OR your welcome to collect in person... VERY good condition Low miles, & taken care off, fans regularly cleaned for dust issues...
  5. KNU7S

    A Backwards way of buying the car you want?

    With an ever expanding and growing family I decided to purchase a new (second hand) car. With a limited budget (£5K) because we are currently working on a Barn Conversion i decided to white a list of what I wanted which was 1, 7 seats (currently 3 kids) 2, Full leather (easy to clean) 3...
  6. P

    Kinda backwards

    Think I may be going the opposite way! Currently the owner of a 1995 mk3 VW Golf vr6. Tbh, I really love the car, crap mpg's (22-26 urban :crazy:) but gives me smiles per gallon. But have my first kid on the way and with the mods I've done (suspension and the usuals) and am being given a 1998...
  7. W

    W210 E280 auto rolls backwards on hills

    Just noticed today that when doing hill starts either going forwards or backwards that the car rolls the wrong way (ie down the hill) unless I use the parking brake to hold it. :eek: I don't remember it doing this before - does it indicate that something is out of adjustment or needs...
  8. P

    Going Backwards with Reversing Lights!

    Hi - still having intermittent problems with reversing lights - no power available to the rear light clusters when checked. I have tried to trace the wiring back but with no idea of where to look, it is a thnakless job - can anyone give me a steer as to where connectors might lie and, if...
  9. reflexboy

    I want to live my next life backwards!

    I want to live my next life backwards! You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat. Then, you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day. When you are kicked out of the home for being too healthy, you spend several years enjoying your retirement and...
  10. PJH

    Backwards in Australia

    BBC Link I wonder what his MPG was ?
  11. Birdman

    Doesn't ESP work backwards too?

    This is the rear-drive W210 saloon. Turning right out of a steep downhill driveway (with gateposts) and parked vehicles on both sides of the narrow road it was impossible to take the turn with available lock. So I backed up a little to take a second 'bite' on the steering. And dammit if the N/S...
  12. big x

    Clock running backwards ??

    This thread on another forum is doing my head in :confused: Perhaps Dieselman can chime in with the answer. I would of thought if you connected the battery the wrong way round (or charged it the wrong way round and reversed the...
  13. Steve_Perry

    Rolling backwards on a hill...

    In my previous car, W201 - 190E, and my father's W124, the cars would never roll backwards on a hill no matter how steep the incline. Both cars are fitted with the 4 speed hydraulic/mechanical automatic gearboxes (with the E/S switch). It always bugged me that my current motor does roll...
  14. A

    tee hee it's all backwards

    clicky here
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