1. AngryDog

    If it wasn't for bad luck...

    Monday night the washing machine breaks mid wash, great. This morning the boiler decides it doesn't want to be a boiler anymore, it wants to be a waterfall. They say it comes in three's, so what is next?
  2. RickyBurrows

    bad vibrations inside cabin?

    This started yesterday I put the car (e320 cdi sport 07 plate) into reverse and felt very bad vibrations as I was going backwards, now today it happens on startup and when I put it into reverse it's constant bad vibrating, when in drive it dissappears but when I slow down to point of almost...
  3. Asal

    Fixing a bad polishing job

    Main MB dealer did Star Guard paint protection on the car as part of the purchase deal. When I finally uplifted my car, and 2 days later in sunshine, I see all the polisher swirl marks all over the car, not happy, but the dealer did not inspire confidence. I am reluctant to let the same people...
  4. K

    W211 E320cdi springs/shocks shot or blame the bad roads?

    Gentlemen, Took my E Class Estate four-up on a run yesterday and couldn't help but thinking that the ride had got firmer since I bought it 3 years ago. 149,000 miles and by the look of the full MB history it's never had any suspension needed. Tyres are all good and balanced. Should I...
  5. Felstmiester

    Bad luck or neglect with tyres

    Had a nightmare the past year with rubber on the c63. First one was a blow out while traveling up to the MLS day a while back witch disintegrated a large portion of the inside wall. Then a couple of weeks after that the other rear developed a bump in the middle of the tread. This wasn't so bad...
  6. MercedesDriver

    Good or Bad

    Presumably we all like to think of ourselves we are good drivers, but how do we really know if we really are???:confused: Or we are just as bad as many of those we see and nod. What makes a driver a good one? Is it no points on a licence? NCD for past years? Nürburgring driving...
  7. clk320x

    Bad Bodyshop Help

    Hi guys, I had my tailgate resprayed at a bodyshop local to me, ultimately them messed up. To be fair they did a good job painting the actual majority of the tailgate HOWEVER they clearly failed to 'prep' enough. Under the third brake light, it appears that they masked incorrectly or...
  8. M

    Manual W205 - is it that bad

    I wanted to get some advice on the manual C-class, ideally from someone who has owned one or driven one for a decent period. Let me explain why. The lease on my current Skoda Octavia Scout runs out in June and my company is 'encouraging' me to take a company car instead of a car allowance...
  9. F

    Advice Needed - Bad Service Experience

    Hey Guys, I am new to this so apologies if i have posted in the wrong place. Let me start off by introducing myself i am Fam and i have owned a c220 w204 63 reg for the last 18 months. My daily commute is about 90 miles through what is the UK's largest car park better known as the M25...
  10. fabes

    V bad bird poo - help needed

    Not my car (thankfully) but a Corsa has 7 or more long standing bird dumps on it across the roof They have all gone through the lacquer onto, but not through, the paint A real shame as the rest of the car is excellent A test with T Cut only wore away more of the cloudy / infected clear...
  11. ioweddie

    If you think you're having a bad day
  12. Darrell

    Uber. Good or bad.

    Me, wife and daughter went to the London Boat Show today and because of engineering works and the tube strikes we got an Uber taxi from Blackfriars Stn to Excel. The whole process was quick, efficient and pain free. Taxi turned up which in two minutes, the app told me the drivers name, the...
  13. G

    CLS350 bad dents need fix/replacing & Where?

    Hey Folks, While abroad I went into a particularly tight, dark and winding carpark and unfortunately had one of the barriers take a chunk out of the side of my CLS350. I basically now have deep dents & scratching on both door panels on left & also on the rear wheel arch. It may be possible to...
  14. J

    06 C220CDI Estate.. Whats good Whats Bad.

    Evening guys, I need another Auto Diesel Estate to cover a minimum of 20k per year.. Could be double but no less than 20K. Needs to be an Estate to lug various Jeep parts about. Ideally it will carry me to 200k with minimal fuss although I know stuff wears out etc etc... I've spied an 06...
  15. CreosoteChris

    W124 Climate Panel / Console Illumination - From Bad to Worse

    Some time ago (months actually, but now winter is here it’s annoying me) the gearshift indicator illumination on my C124 failed - so I decided to fix it yesterday. I dug out my bag of those little crummy bulbs used for instrument and switch illumination, and removed the centre console trim /...
  16. PXW

    Bad day's post

    Three letters arrived at PXW Towers yesterday, one for each resident. All from DVLA. Yes, we have managed to coordinate our vehicle tax on all three vehicles... PXW junior and I did point out to Mrs PXW that the tax on her Lexus IS250 was more than the tax on my E350 and his Corsa put together!
  17. rockits

    TVR...please tell me this is a bad idea...

    ......TVR TUSCAN 2000/PRIVATE REG,4.0 SPEED 6, 29000 MILES,SERVICE HISTORY,CAT D | eBay A TVR has been on my list for some time & over the last few months I have been doing some research. Seems like a Chimaera 400/450/500 would be an all round good/best option. I'm not ready yet so wasn't...
  18. Z

    Bad idle on c36 amg

    Got an c36 amg -96 with some problem with bad idle an stalling on acceleration. I have read the fault codes on the car with hfm-scan and it says 035, Post Lamda control is at rich stop : mixture to lean. 084, Post, ACTUAL Short-time self adaption idle speed or part load exceeded...
  19. D

    w124 e220 convertible not in bad condition

    1995/N - Mercedes E220 Convertible Auto. MOT April 2017. FSH. EXCELLENT EXAMPLE | eBay
  20. Bryan Allman

    Sky Q - Experiences of users - Good or bad

    As per the title......... I am thinking of going for Sky Q but on reading the forums, all the postings seem to be negative which to some extent is to be expected as people rarely post when things are going as they should be. Bearing that in mind, has anyone any positive experiences to...
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