1. glojo

    Badger and a fox

    As the titles says.......... Last night at about 9-30pm I happened to notice a young fox come running into our back garden (we have a CCTC camera) This fox sat in the middle of the lawn and then looked back in the direction he had come from. Within about 10 seconds out trotted a badger that...
  2. Carrotchomper

    Beat the badger continuity errors

    "Goodness, said Carrotchomper, I really must have no life", he said as he started the thread. Am I being a REAL geek here, but did anyone else notice on the recent Sky programme "Beat the Badger" that she flitted between 2 different cars- A silver C and E class- And there were even changes in...
  3. F

  4. pammy

    Remember badger badger & Footy Footy...

    ..well - whatever they're on (the people who make these) I want some: Magical Trevor
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