1. A

    Wheels and badges for £8k

    Mercedes C32 AMG KLEEMANN extremely rare 468BHP 24K modification only 1 in UK | eBay There is some strong stuff on the market these days.:wallbash:
  2. John N

    Extra Boot Badges

    I have been considering getting a set of Chrome 4 Matic Badges for the RH Side of my Boot as that side appears odd to me being bare! Would I be castigated/Sent to Coventry/ Deemed a mad Simpleton and generally shunned by Society in the Western World if I went for it!:devil: (Flack Jacket...
  3. A

    Where can I get badges for my wheels?

    for sl350 year 2012. The badge that goes on the wheels. I'm getting them all refurbed but need a new badge for couple of the wheels. They are terrible the current ones really tbh. any advice would be great
  4. Rob77

    3D Printing Badges

    Has anyone used a 3D printing business for creating badges or whatnot? I've an old pre-merger AMG badge I'd like to print a copy or two of.
  5. tomtoms

    My Custom Badges

    Hi all, As a huge Formula one fan I decided to have these made last year and today I have finally put them on the car. I think they compliment the Petronas Green callipers well too, for those who know what the Logo represents, however I still need to finish all the callipers when I get...
  6. Mrhanky

    Genuine V8 Kompressor Badges A2308170515

    Genuine V8 Kompressor badges for your M113K engine car. They are brand new in the original packaging. These cost me £100 from the dealer. £50 including postage.
  7. E63AMG

    AMG Badges

    I've got an Iridium Silver E63. Anybody swapped the bandages to black? Matt or gloss, can't make my mind up! Thanks.
  8. gramey

    Replacement boot badges 2000 R129

    I've tried doing a search google but seem to have drawn a blank, I need to get my boot lid sprayed so I'm looking for replacement star emblem and SL320 badges. Is it main dealer only or does anyone know where else I can buy these or will the star boot lid emblem from another model fit? Thanks. :)
  9. T

    Plastidip badges

    Hi everyone. Apologies in advance if this has already been covered, nothing comes up in search function directly relating. Want to plastidip (or similar) my badges on the back and the star and bonnet badge up front. Vehicle has covered 250,000 and as such has a lot of grime in amongst the...
  10. Bigrichw

    6.3 AMG Wing badges

    Like new OEM Cost £33.39 each from dealer £45 posted the pair Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. S

    S204 rear badges or not

    Hi all...just wondering whether to keep rear tailgate badges, change or delete Options as follows- C220 Cdi Brabus Cdi All removed Car does have brabus upgrade Thanks
  12. A

    Boot badges

    Sorry if I've posted in wrong section :confused: Got myself the black A250 badge and swapped it for the chrome ones, was trying to remove my boot star so I could plastic dip it black but it's such a close fit I can't even fit fishing line behind it with out flexing it, before I start trying...
  13. Arronb

    AMG Wing Turbo badges A45/CLA45/GLA45

    Hi I have a brand new unopened set if anyone is interested, left and right. £65 delivered recorded post. Thanks Arron
  14. David404

    Boot Lid Model Badges -W211- E320 - 2009my

    I'll be getting my E320 next week (very excited) :bannana:. It's got the standard E320 and CDI badges on the boot lid. I hate model badges, they look untidy and I'm of the opinion that I know what it is, you don’t need to know so my preference would be to remove the badges… So my question...
  15. R5RYP

    Boot Badges

    I have recently bought a W218 CLS 350 petrol in black. I love the car but it doesn't have any badges on the boot. I am quite proud of the fact it is a 350 V6 and that it is a CLS. I was considering having the badges put on and just wondered peoples thoughts and if other have done this...
  16. Tayterash

    Boot badges removal.

    Firstly, Ey up ow yer diddlin:thumb: I'm about to pick up a c220 CDi in a couple of days and I'm curious about getting the boot badges off. Are they just glued on? Tia and I'll see you later for a better intro.
  17. Spitfire

    Aftermarket Chrome Badges

    Not something I did recently to be honest, but for a while thought that the right hand side of my boot lid looked a bit 'bare' with the Chrome 'C350' badge on the left hand side looking quite prominent. Did toy with the idea of putting an 'AMG' badge on the right hand side of the boot lid...
  18. brucemillar

    Where can i get these badges?

    Hi I'm trying to get a set of tailgate badges for my 300te 4Matic. Any clues please I'm after a mint set. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  19. ReeceAMG

    removing badges

    does anyone know what the best way to removing the glue is from old badges?
  20. D

    Badges don't maketh the car...

    Putting '63 AMG badges on a car you're calling a '55 AMG that's actually a '500?!
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