1. Charles Morgan

    Bah Humbug lights

    Various of my neighbours have already put on their Christmas illuminations, one of whom has covered the entirety of his house and specially built frames with a positively Blackpudlian light display. The neighbour opposite me (a very good egg, ex-plod) has a large Father Christmas in the bedroom...
  2. developer

    Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug

    Well, that's both bases covered. Merry Christmas to you happy bunnies..... Bah Humbug to any Alf Garnetts.... Looking forward to seeing some of you at future GTG's :thumb:
  3. M

    Bah! Lost the back light... w202

    Right... first fault has come up! We seem to have an issue with the light cluster at the rear driver's side. When I got the car, the main tail light worked, the small one in the corner didn't... i took it out to get the bulb and low and behold! it came on! This put out the warning light on the...
  4. Geezer

    Bah Humbug!!

    I hate Christmas! :wallbash: One big commercial con IMO.:mad: But on the bright side, today is the shortest day so Summer is on the way!!:bannana:
  5. R

    Bah - Rusty wheel arch on W203

    I guess my car has succumbed to the inevitable :( I was giving the car a was and polish this morning when I noticed an area of paint bubbling up on the nearside rear wheel arch. It hasn't progressed that far yet but is inevitably going to get worse. The car is going in for a service in a...
  6. Shude

    Bah! Hit and run! :(

    Some idiots in a black L-reg celica-GT4 just drove straight into the back of me at a junction then drove off! :mad: I'm ok, my sister who was a passenger seems to be ok and the rear bumper doesn't look too bad. I'm absolutely furious right now though because they just didn't stop to...
  7. Satch

    So you think 4x4's are too big? Bah!

    No, you want one of THESE:
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