1. D

    Bill Bailey

    I've just returned home from seeing the amazingly talented Bill Bailey at the Sands Center in Carlisle. Debbie (Mrs Ant) & my daughter surprised me. (After Informing me back in June that all tickets had been sold) What a great pick-me-up it was too. He was faultless from start to finish...
  2. Ant-toe-knee

    2006 Bailey Senator Louisiana Series 5

    Four berth Twin axle Bedroom: Fixed island bed with headboard with under bed storage, overhead cupboards and two wardrobes with draws, 3 electric points with TV point, Mirror, halogen spotlights, shelving, fully opening roof light, bedroom door to close off from rest of caravan. Two windows...
  3. chriswt

    Bill Bailey on TV last weekend

    Did anyone watch Bill Bailey's stand up show on TV last weekend or know what show it was because I wouldn't mind getting the DVD? He only has two on sale so I guess there's a 50% chance I'll get the right one.
  4. Jukie

    Bill Bailey

    Anyone catch his stage show on C4 last night? The guy is a hoot. Very intelligent, very talented. Highly recommended. :D :D :rock:
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