1. camerafodder

    RIP Mr 'Baker Street'

    Somehow I missed this yesterday BBC News - Baker Street saxophone player Raphael Ravenscroft dies
  2. ringway

    Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street Documentary on BBC Radio 4.

    Source. BBC Radio 4 website. Gerry Rafferty's glorious and instantly recognisable hit, Baker Street launches the new series of Soul Music on BBC Radio 4. Rafferty died just over a year ago (on January 4th 2011) at the age of 63, and to mark the anniversary we're celebrating his most popular...
  3. M

    George Baker, RIP

    Actor George Baker died yesterday, aged 80.
  4. BlackC55

    Phil Baker Phone me ASAP about your lost wallet

    Hi Phil I have just had a phone call and someone has found your wallet and my business card was in there and they phoned me. I have the lady's phone number and name who is holding your wallet. Give me a call on 07922 023450 :thumb: I am not at work to look up your phone number and this...
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