1. mattyv33

    W220 S500 Harmonic Balancer Removal

    Hi all, Trying to find a way of locking the harmonic balancer pulley so I can undo the 27mm bolt - I have spent days researching the subject, bought all relevant parts like genuine merc harmonic balancer and bolt, torque wrench to tighten to 200nm and 27mm impact socket. I have two lengths...
  2. J

    Clk280 Sport Convertible Balancer Shaft? 2005

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but not new to owning a mercedes. Had a few issues with the car and only had it 6 weeks, not a good sign! Just wanted people's opinions if the following fault codes are the dreaded balancer shaft issue? They are as follows:- 0522 - Diagnosis of tumble flat intake...
  3. shorty

    M271 balancer shaft

    Has anyone ever heard of theres giving problems on the hateful M271 engine ? One of mine has sized and this is what caused the second chain to break . Ive been told by one indy that its common but another never heard of problems with them . MB are looking for 800 euro to replace the shafts and...
  4. G

    Harmonic Balancer Tourque M111.945 C200

    Hi All, I have to replace my front crankshaft oil seal in my 1996 C200 W202 with a M111.945 engine. Can any one tell me the torque setting for the bolt that secures the harmonic balancer pulley to the crankshaft. I have the replacement seal and made a tool to grip the pulley so I can undo...
  5. B

    C43 harmonic balancer failure

    Morning guys and gals, I have searched for ths problem and couldn't find an answer, if there is a thread or post, please let me know. Despite working on cars, i'm no mechanic so i apologise for the lack of exact technical description etc... Here goes, after investigating a problem...
  6. GazCaff

    Harmonic balancer on it's way out?

    Well, it's not really a question, I'm pretty sure the harmonic balancer is on it's way out (I'm sure the rubber shouldn't be bulging like that!) So it's a matter of needing it changed, I've fired a PM to IBW for a price for the job, but I'm just wondering how much longer it will last? The...
  7. E

    E55 Harmonic Balancer?

    Hi all, After a bit of digging around, I have found that W210 E55's can suffer from harmonic balancer problems, has anybody heard of this before, as I thought the engines were pretty much bullet proof? Thanks:)
  8. T

    whats the latest on v6 harmonic balancer

    read about it on a us site and its been discuss here a few times but the treads has gone cold! just check my car got the bad batch HB and rang the dealer up, he told me there is no recall for this call and i ask him about it and he told me to dismiss the us site!:crazy: has anyone had luck with...
  9. S

    How to change Harmonic Balancer (crankshaft pulley) V6 petrol

    Maybe I was lucky but I found this easy... and it is supposed to be a difficult job, requiring a Merc special tool which costs a lot. I did have to go out and buy a couple of bits and pieces but at £40 was a lot less than the labour. Tools required, two foot breaker bar, 17mm hex key, 5mm...
  10. S

    Not Impressed! And a Harmonic Balancer how to ....

    Yes I am fussy and difficult to please... but just a whinge. Took my car in to Mercaid to have them replace the harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley. Was quoted an hours labour. At lunchtime when I was promised the car was going to be ready, I got a call... Them: Just an update on your car...
  11. S

    Harmonic balancer... Small Claims Court

    Well thanks to Steve Perry et al for their help re the harmonic balancer in this thread: Just thought I would update everyone on this. Honest John has added a warning in his car by car breakdown section to all models...
  12. S

    Harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley) recall in the US on M112 V6 engines.Why not UK?

    I have a '98 C240 which has one of the dodgy crankshaft pulleys. The part number which you can see on the pulley is A112 035 00 00. Apparently this number along with A112 035 06 00 was subject to a recall in the States due to the outer metal rim coming off the inner one... there is an elastomer...
  13. B

    CLK320 Recall Notice - Harmonic Balancer ....

    Does this apply to UK cars?
  14. L

    Crankshaft Balancer W210

    Just wondered if anyone has any information on crankshaft balancer failure on W210's. On another forum (American) there are approx 160 posts on this topic Thanks Leigh
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