1. MSG2004

    Puncture repair costs inc wheel balancing

    Hi I thought twice re buying a car without a spare wheel of any type but did by a brand new gle last year. Last week, tyre warning light on, screw in tyre, (cars only done 4k) and thankfully in the middle of the tyre so can be repaired - went to National Tyres, nearest to home - got the tyre...
  2. N

    Balancing, alignment or something else?

    Hi all, apologies for what could be the vagueness of this message but maybe looking for some direction before spending any unnecessary money. I picked up my W208 with some wider than necessary wheels, which meant the previous owner had 15mm spacers on them. Turning corners and handling was a...
  3. C

    Wheel Balancing

    Hi guys, I have just bought a 2011 ML300. The first day I drove it on the motorway I noticed vibration coming thru the steering wheel at 65-75mph. When I hit 80mph the vibration is gone. The car has been back to the dealer (non mb) and he told me he had tracked and balanced all 4 wheels. Again...
  4. V

    W220 Propshaft balancing?

    Hello all Been having a rather annoying vibration in my car for the last year or so that usually only tends to happen between 60-80mph. Anything below or above was fine. Naturally i thought the wheels would need balancing, so after doing them and not resolving the problem iv replaced the tyres...
  5. paul73mt

    balancing of radiators

    Just a thought but does anybody know how to balance rads ????? I have spent a few hours looking on the net and tried a couple of ways just I just seem to make it worse and now the weather is starting to get a little colder the kids and the misses their moaning that it's 'cold' in the morning...
  6. zenman63

    Wheel balancing problems

    I have had 4 new tyres fitted to 4 new ML rims and the guy on one has 150g of lead on it! Some are better with jus a small amount but I get vibration in the back and steering shake at 65mph. I have another guy in the morning rotating the tyres on the rims and dynamic balancing them, any Idea...
  7. brucemillar

    Alloy Wheel Balancing Weights.

    Folks On my C240 I have new alloys. Now these seem to shed balancing weights like there s no tomorrow. I have now been back twice to the tyre/wheel shop that sold me the wheels to have them re-balanced. This within two weeks and not including the original fitting. Each time I have weights...
  8. m2mb

    auto-transmission vs stoboscopic wheel balancing

    Can this be done?? Or I am I asking for trouble? (wheel balancing with the tyres fitted and spinning on the car using stobe machine) TIA.

    My wheel balancing problem solved by ATS :)

    Here's my storey, for about three years now various places have tried to balance my wheels, all failed, so about a year ago I got in touch with Tony at Wheels in Motion and he explained my problem. I even contemplated to drive down to WIM to get it done as I was struggling to find a place in the...
  10. James1976

    Tyres out of shape resulting in vibration or balancing?

    Evening all. I've got decent tyres on my SL, Michelin Primacy HP and some Conti's. All are relatively new. When I got the car the wheels were repainted and the weights removed. I subsequently got the wheels rebalanced by Kwik Fit; must have been by a trainee as they were horrendously out...
  11. jeremy156

    Hampshire wheel balancing recommendation?

    I'm hoping someone can recommend a place in the Hampshire area that'll do a proper job at balancing my wheels. I had Michelin Primacy HP tyres fitted by eTyres with their wobbly wheel balancer on the van and felt vibration at speed. Having had bad luck in the past I decided to take the car...
  12. AANDYY

    Wheel balancing place, recomendation? Preston-ish.

    Hi, could anyone recommend a good/professional wheel balancing place near me or the Preston area? I always suspect the Kwik Fit type outfits don't calibrate their equipment regularly.
  13. s88

    Wheel balancing

    Appear to notice the SL 350 /R230 was a bit rough from the rear at 85mph and plus. Odd the wife notices no vibration!! is that a woman thing? Note on my return home that no weights at all on the rears, though old sticky patches. Is it possible for two rears not to need a weight at all? I...
  14. W

    wheel balancing - 340g added

    Reading this thread on a Smart car forum I saw this: I've never considered wheel balancing an especially skilled job, but it's clearly beyond some people. Another reason why I like watching tyre fitters rather than staying in the waiting room.
  15. D

    Wheel Balancing - Staffordshire / North Midlands

    Just a quick note. After having issues with my car, and vibrations I took it to a recommended garage that I was passing in Burton Upon Trent to have the wheels balanced for the 2nd time in two days. I would recommend Malvern Tyres in Burton as excellent. They spent 90 minutes balancing the...
  16. PJayUK

    Tracking, Balancing & Airmatic Suspension

    I still have a slight rumbling noise from the offside front of my car, that is most noticeable when the car is cold. So far I have replaced the front discs and pads, had 4 new tyres fitted, the rear diff oil changed and the suspension etc checked by my local indi. Nothing was discovered, but he...
  17. reflexboy

    Wheel balancing

    Ok, so we got a cool new set of second hand alloys for the fairer half's Grand Cherokee. My neighbour changed over the tyres. He removed the balancing weights, removed the old tyres, put the tyres from the original wheels onto the new wheels and put the balancing weights back in exactly the same...
  18. skemball

    Mobile Tyre Fitting - Balancing Issues

    Having just had four Dunlops fitted by a well known mobile quick fitting company I have again suffered from poor quality wheel balancing. Their vans seem to be equipped to only provide a hand spinning static balance of the wheel. i.e. wheel stops spinning with the heavy spot at the bottom -...
  19. Flyer

    So it's not wheel balancing...

    Had my CLK serviced at an MB dealer which included the replacement of the rear tyres. The fronts had been replaced a couple of weeks prior. I had complained of a vibration at anything above 40mph (getting progressively worse as the speed increased), so I asked for the fronts to be re-balanced...

    wheel balancing

    I have been having some problems with my wheel balance which I seems to have been finally fixed today. My invoice states that all 4 wheels were removed and "ROAD FORCE WHEEL BALANCE" carried out. Anyone know exactly what this means and if its any different to any other kind of wheel balancing.
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