1. M

    w123 280ce n/s tyre bald on inner edge. WHY?

    Hello, my 280ce has developed a bald strip on the inner edge of the n/s front tyre, aslo when driving the car pulls the the right and at high speeds, the steering doesnt seem solid, and the slightest movement can cause the car to swerve fairly severely. i suspect it's a bearing of a bush, but...
  2. dvb247

    e55 front tyres bald on inside edge only?

    Just been informed that my front boots are down to the string on the inside corner yet the rest of the tyre is 5mm of tread all the way across. Does lowering the car effect camber on an e55? I have a Renntech ELM which I have adjusted, it was installed by previous owner and for a while I've...
  3. B

    Ode to Sir Clive Woodward or Lord Bald

    There was an old man called Lord Bald Whose team got completely mauled, He picked his old mates For some crucial test dates, and the fans were truly appalled. There was a middle-aged tosser named Bald Who's mates were all English and Auld First Test: Neil Back Like the rest of the...
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