1. I

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch - New in Box with Warranty

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch. New and unworn in box and still under warranty. Comes with original receipt, tags, handbook, warranty card, box etc. £1430 new. Can post insured for £10 though cash on collection preferred. £1150 ono
  2. V

    Mercedes Sprinter Ball Joints

    Afternoon. I have just had the front end knock on my late 2006 (facelift) Sprinter 311CDI looked at and have been told need to replace both lower ball joints. The garage said it was easier to replace both control arms rather than trying to get the ball joints out. They quoted £800 inc parts...
  3. T

    Front Ball Joint advice needed please. W211

    Had the car for a little over a week and 800 miles now and I've pinned the clonking at the front to a lower ball joint, the front one of the 2, on the end of an alloy arm. This one. Can someone tell me what this is called so I can order one, and is it a DIY job? Thank you in advance.
  4. L

    W163 Tow Ball

    Hi Just bought a 1050kg caravan and so need to fit a tow ball to my ML. Some videos just put a tow ball on but this one puts on extra supports. Whats the official guidance Also how much does a 270ML weight? Thanks
  5. L

    W169 Tow Ball

    Hi Just bought a touring caravan. Some videos on the internet just bolt on a tow hitch behind the bumper in the predrilled holes, but also Ive seen other tutorials fitting 2 extra supports behind? Whats the official guidelines? Ta Louis
  6. C

    Spring Compressor and Ball joint press

    Hello All, I am contemplating changing the ball joints myself, quite handy with a spanner and fancy a go. Firstly, I need a spring compressor. Clearly there is the Klann tool at one end of the price spectrum at the other there are the kits such as the ones on ebay and amazon about £60-£70.00...
  7. WDB124066

    Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball dies

    A farming icon - always had me in a chuckle... Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball dies
  8. Doodle

    Can we have our ball back, Mister

    Ordered a set of brake pad pins from the local dealer, and picked them up this morning. Paperwork and payment settled, the parts chap hands me a bag of parts, it looks vaguely right so I think no more of it and put it in the boot. Get a phone call a few minutes ago from the dealer, apparently...
  9. tcb180

    E320 Cdi 2007 Facelift Ball Joints

    Well been having a pre Mot poke around and discovered play in o/s/f wheel bearing so nipped that up. Also found same on n/s/f so did that. Ever since jacking the nearside front up, strange feeling off play in steering wheel and a vibration right through drivers seat at 40mph. Well I looked at...
  10. C

    w163 lower ball joint

    What warranty usually comes with genuine parts, I replaced the 2 lower ball joints last year for the mot and one was picked up this year in October I checked it at the weekend and it is way worse and there is slight play in the other side now. They have been fitted around 14months the rubber...
  11. H

    Ball joints

    Hi, Sadly car failed mot front suspension had excessive play in lower suspension ball joint nearside, does anyone know the part no. cos eurocarparts has 2 options for this part which seem completely different.....many rhanks
  12. Palfrem

    Interior mirror - refit ball & socket

    This link to an eBay item illustrates my problem with an interior mirror. 1992 MERCEDES 300 W124 T REAR VIEW INTERIOR MIRROR | eBay I need to get the ball back in its socket but after an hour of faffing and puffing it has defeated me. Either I am too wimpy or there is a Teutonic knack...
  13. Kevlaar

    eBay W211 Ball Joint Press

    Hey guys, a very quick one, I'm doing my lower ball joints on my e220 W211 tomorrow, and have ordered the ball joint press kit linked below: Mercedes Ball Joint Kit REMOVER EXTRACTOR Press Tool KIT W220 W211 W230 FR | eBay It hasn't turned up yet, so I'm just posting to see if anyone has...
  14. Kevlaar

    W211 Ball Joint press

    Hi all, I'm after a ball joint pressing tool, ideal for removing and installing the lower ball joints on my W211 04 E Class. Anyone have a good used one lying around?
  15. ash59fifty-uk

    Who fancies an MB Disco ball

    Oh dear~
  16. A

    Recommended tools and general suggestions for w219 lower ball joint removal

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out what tools (by brand/location) you guys recommend when it comes to ball splitting and removal/install . Is the stuff on ebay ok or is it just badly made putty? anything to go for or avoid? I've gleaned a good idea on how to go about the job from searches on...
  17. t-dawg1

    Mercedes W211 & CLS ball joint remover and installer

    Used only once to change my ball joint so in brand new condition. Looking for £35 or nearest offer
  18. S

    R129 SL500 ball joint lower control arm

    Hi all, My car is a 1994 R129 SL500 A recent MOT threw up OSF ball joint play. My Indie quoted to replace - roughly £35 for the ball joint plus fitting. He then called back to say that the ball joint was actually cast into the lower control arm and that the whole arm would need replacing...
  19. zoros

    SL 55 AMG front strut ball joint repair

    I've noticed hardly no or very little conversation on this MB club forum about this, whereas on other similar sites it has been comprehensively covered - don't know why that should be - especially since it is an absolute essential to be aware of as this repair will save thousands of pounds...
  20. bob6600

    Sealey Topchest 3 Drawer Portable with Ball Bearing Runners

    Just seen this on HUKD....Is this worth the money? Under £40 (use code MARCHMAD) Sealey Topchest 3 Drawer Portable with Ball Bearing Runners
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