1. KevinN

    R129 Drag Link Balljoint dust cover split

    I have just been told by MB that the dust cover (gaiter) on my R129 SL320 steering drop link balljoint is split. It was OK in June when I had the car MOT'd. MB want £419.80 plus VAT because they insist on fitting a new drop link assembly ! I only want a dust cover. Does anyone know where I...
  2. T

    w210 balljoint which peg comes out

    Anyone confirm that its the peg in the hub which i remove in order to fit the balljoint at the moment theres a locating peg in the balljoint and also one coming out of the hub Thanks Boyd
  3. SilverSaloon

    part number needed for 1994 (facelift W124) E300D balljoint

    Hi Does anyone know the MB part numbers for: - W124 lower balljoint - nut that goes on the balljoint (unless its included?) - nut and bolt that secures the balljoint by passing through the notch in it Thanks in advance!! Derek p.s. guess what gawd awful job i have planned for...
  4. 3

    W124 Balljoint Fail!

    It happened last night with almost no warning. I noticed a slight clonk from the front suspension as I braked for a junction, 200 yards later the balljoint separated from the lower arm as I drove along at 30mph!!! The car still braked and steered but didn't sound too good as the suspension...
  5. mobeyone

    Lower balljoint MOT fail

    MOT tester failed my S211 today due to as he put the lower rubber being split. On examination, the rubber is not split but cracked and nothing that would cause grease to leak etc. Where do I stand with this? Can I contest? The joint was only changed in october last year.
  6. SilverSaloon

    balljoint splitter size

    hi does anyone happen to know the mm size of "fork" style balljoint splitter i will need to remove the front track rod ends on my 1994 W124 please? i am replacing the whole tie rod on both sides of the car prior to a 4 wheel geometry adjustement. thanks derek
  7. J

    C250 Trackrod inner balljoint

    Hello Has anyone had to change the inner balljoint it looks as if it is pressed on ,is that correct. thank you
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