1. tali

    Ban for Mercedes driver braked hard in front of policema

    Ban for Mercedes driver who showed middle finger and braked hard in front of policeman's car - Liverpool Echo These topics cause a lot heated debate and the Merc driver has had a moment of madness- and could have caused serious injury, but what an idiot the Seat driver is- i wouldn't want...
  2. Brian 1

    Diesel Ban in Cities

    Would this apply to cars with stop and start engine's like mine, or is it another way to persecute the motorists......
  3. 219

    Germany to ban combustion engines by 2030 ?
  4. st13phil

    Lorries face London ban 'to protect cyclists'

    Latest proposal from Citizen Khan. I'm sorry, but I fail to see why it's lorries that are the problem when lemming-like idiots on pedal cycles insist on putting themselves in a position alongside a truck where they get squashed :dk:
  5. B

    Ban Audi's

    Just had a stroke of genius, seeing an article on the Telegraph about the worst blackspots for tailgating, made me immediately think, a lot of tailgating is caused by the t**** who drive Audi's undertaking constantly, and cutting into what you've left as reasonable braking distance. So...
  6. Deane x

    Ban UPVC windows and doors

    I live in a period house and I restore period item in my spare time , my biggest hate is UPVC windows and doors there ugly and terrible for the environment thing worse than a nice Victorian house with UPVC windows and doors , it's like having a rolls Royce and putting a ford plastic...
  7. S

    149 MPH - 6 month ban

    BBC News - Motorist on M25 caught driving at 149mph, study reveals Lots of "Daves' here. Some of the non-motorway 'records' (although I'm not sure that's the right word) sound pretty scary.
  8. developer

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Oh, I hope this works ...:cool: Okay, just remember this is in Off Topic...and isn't serious :thumb:. I saw this on one of the other forums I frequent and it was very light hearted and quite good fun - in fact, it was one of the most popular threads, currently at c900 posts. Let's see how it...
  9. brucemillar

    42 Points. No ban.

    Driver Not Banned Despite 42 Points On Licence Last Updated 06:30 05/09/2013 A driver with 42 points on her licence is still on the road, according to a new analysis of DVLA figures. The woman, from Isleworth in west London, accumulated all the points last year for failing to disclose the...
  10. The _Don

    Obama administration overturns ban on some iPad, iPhones
  11. Berkshire Rich

    EU ban on selling new Mercedes?

    A storm in a coolant tank Ban on selling new Mercedes in EU moves closer - Telegraph
  12. Merco

    10 match ban

    Too much? No more seasoning for poor Luis!
  13. Scottk

    Thoughts on Vettel ignoring team orders?

    Should Vettel receive a 1 race ban for ignoring team orders? as suggested by John Watson.
  14. HotJambalaya

    New Mercedes face ban from British roads

    Good old Daily Mail
  15. S

    Mayor of Paris wants ban on "older vehicles"

    Will/Should other cities in Europe follow suit?
  16. W

    Self imposed 24hr driving ban

    This afternoon my driving was shocking. Wrong lane, misreading other cars intention. The final straw was when I considered to overtake a woman hesitating at a cross-road, I got half way, back out and stalled the car. I still had other errands to run, but went home instead admitting that my usual...
  17. flying haggis

    Avoid driving ban with odd excuse

    You couldn't make it up.. Premier League - Pulis pleads relegation to dodge driving ban - Yahoo! Eurosport
  18. D

    Hose pipe ban east and S.E.

    At least in summer so not too much need for a wash. Just wondered if all our ingenious members had some cunning plans. Water butts etc? BBC News - Hosepipe ban to be imposed in drought-hit parts of UK
  19. HB

    Ferrari will ban me too for uploading this

    How Ferrari spins
  20. HB

    Ferrari will ban me too for uploading this

    How Ferrari spins
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