1. grober

    SAAB file for bankruptcy

    Yes it's finally happened. Saab have finally filed for bankruptcy protection. :( Saab files for bankruptcy protection -
  2. smillion

    Divorce and bankruptcy - real world?

    A mate of mine (and no, this is not me I am glad to say) seperated with his wife after 15 years. The subsequent divorce is vicious, driven by the wife and her cut-throat solicitor. Marital assets say £400k Unsecured debts etc say £180k Joint legal fees in last 9 months £65,000......:eek...
  3. Godot

    Bohemian Bankruptcy - A tragedy by Drag Queen

    Not Seen this until now (posted on a nother forum I am a member of) I think is exceedingly well done!:D:D:D:D:D w5EFEQ9aY6o
  4. M

    Chrysler - Possible Bankruptcy

    Chrysler are in big trouble over talks with their creditors. One of the conditions of the US government assistance programme was that some $7 billion of debt be removed, which is held in the form of bonds. Chrysler have been talking with creditors looking at various stock and cash options -...
  5. grober

    SAAB file for Bankruptcy!

    Yes Saab have finally filed for the Swedish equivalent of going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US after the Swedish government rejected GM's call for aid. What a pity such a company with a track record in innovative engineering particularly in the field of safety have gone to the wall due...
  6. Birdman

    White House considers 'orderly' bankruptcy for GM and Chrysler

    WASHINGTON 18 December: The White House said Thursday that an "orderly" bankruptcy was one option being considered to try to rescue General Motors and Chrysler, which are seeking billions of dollars to avoid a shutdown. "Disorderly collapse would be something very chaotic that is a shock to a...
  7. R

    Mercedes dealership files for bankruptcy?

    Hi, I saw a thread on another forum (non-car) that Greenoaks Mercedes has filed for administration. As yet this is an unsubstantiated rumour, but I wouldn't be surprised given the current economic climate. I really hope this is not true. Does anyone have any further information?
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