1. merc85

    Mb Banner ;)

    Had a Mad moment on ebay lol, I somehow managed to buy this for my Garage wall, :D Sorry for my ugly mug in the pic lol
  2. KillerHERTZ

    AMG Banner

    Bought myself this AMG banner off eBay, £15 delivered :bannana: Made out of strong weather proof plastic, with chrome 'eye' rings Improves the look of my tiny garage eh?
  3. prprandall51

    New banner pic

    Is it me - or does the new banner look like a couple of scalextric cars?
  4. Koolvin

    Forum Banner

    Time for a banner change ? If you would like your car featured on the new MBClub banner then please post your pictures in this thread. Please do not quote other pictures or post un necessary comments. Specifically we are looking for two images and high resolution if possible. Head on...
  5. ringway

    Banner Advertisements.

    Dear Moderators, I've no objection to the recently introduced banner advertisng, especially if it raises revenue for MB Club. However, would it be possible to move the top banner ads alongside the MB Club banner so that one doesn't have to scroll down to hit the submit reply button for each...
  6. M

    Star-mangled banner

    If the MB 125th anniversary advert was the zenith of the 2011 Superbowl XLV coverage, this must surely have been the nadir. Has there ever been a worse public, professional performance? Words fail me (as they did her). ChU8aKkzRlM
  7. M

    ADVERTS BANNER from Jobsite on MBclub -its my ad!

    I just opened the mbclub forums page and wasnt remembered as a member so as I typed in my user name & p/w I noticed the advertising banner from Jobsite - no biggie I normally don't pay much attention & just log on . But this ad was highlighting 2 jobs - actually the same job twice , and I...
  8. BaldGuy

    New Banner Pic

    Surely its time to change the banner pic from the lovely SL to something new.... I'll start with maybe one of Talbirs cars, Jays SEC or 500E... Thoughts??
  9. Ian B Walker

    banner missing

    I am on my laptop tonight and I notice that half my siggy is missing. Is this an act of the mods or is it this computer? Seeking guidance please.
  10. guydewdney

    could you care about a small banner ad?

    as an aside to the donations thread - could you care if there was a banner ad at the top of the page - forsome product / service? 1) i couldn't care less - as long as its MB / car related 2) i couldn't care less - whatever it was 3) I dont like the idea, but will suffer for the money it...
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