1. markjay

    Incident in Barcelona
  2. ph47mf

    Barcelona F1

    So...a friend managed to convince me to spend a few quid to join him at this year's Barcelona F1 in May. I have been to Barcelona before but not to a F1 event. I haven't actually sat through the whole race at home either. I don't know what to expect. Have any of you been can give me some...
  3. grober

    Barcelona f1 gp+old merc

  4. S

    Barcelona in a couple of weeks

    I am thinking of taking my wife and daughter [24] to Barcelona in a couple of weeks. I have been there once - about 25 years ago - and, frankly, remember nothing, apart from Gaudi! We would fly from south of Birmingham and stay for 3/4 nights. My idea is to take a flight and book accommodation...
  5. S

    Gaudi's Barcelona

    Following on from the 'my favourite city' thread. Gaudi's Barcelona is on tonight, 7.30, Sky Arts 1. I noticed several people chose it as their favourite.
  6. Darrell

    Barcelona tonight

    I am not the biggest football fan in the world, but I like to see a good game. Tonights game is what football is all about. Lionel Messi is something else.
  7. hk7

    Barcelona (Camp Nou) tickets

    Hi Me and a few mates are going to Barca next week, and as it happens they are playing Real Madrid in the cup quarter final. Does anyone have any experience of obtaining tickets for a game over there? Any advice/tips is much appreciated.
  8. WDB124066

    Blaupunkt Barcelona RCM 83 Question.

    I am not "Stereo Savvy" at all, so forgive me if the answer to this question is simple. I want to know if a Barcelona RCM 83 will support the use of door MB door speakers AND the normal front and rear speakers in a 124 Cabriolet. Is there a way of making all three sets of speakers work with...
  9. Druk

    Barcelona parking?

    We're doing a grand tour of Spain and Portugal in august and will ask for recommendations at a later date but meantime have been trying to get a hotel with parking somewhere near to central Barcelona. Best I can come up with is €21 per night parking in hotel underground cp. :eek: Car is 107SL so...
  10. Thmsshaun

    F1 GP Barcelona Tickets

    Does anyone know if I turn up will i be able to get a general admission ticket on sunday? It's a bit of a last minute thing but I'm quite tempted and don't seem to be having much look finding the answer via Google. Thanks.
  11. D


    Hi all, Im going to barcelona, any advice, places to visit or hotel suggestions? Thanks
  12. M

    Blaupunkt Barcelona + CDCA08

    I have a Blaupunkt Barcelona. It says disc management system on the front. I bought a CDCA08 cd changer from someone on the forum, but it has a different plug fitted. Can I alter the plug, or get an adaptor anywhere? does anyone know which terminal is which on the cd / radio?
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