1. D

    For Sale: 55K AMG bits, Brabus wheels - bargains galore!

    Having a clear-out so grab a bargain! First up is a 100% Genuine set of 20" Brabus Monoblock 'S' Alloys These wheels were circa £6000 for the set (without tyres) when new, so grab yourself a bargain. Front Alloys: Brabus part number - S12-900-45 9.0Jx20H2 ET45 with Pirelli P-Zero...
  2. O

    Still bargains to be had out there

    Never happens to me but a friend has just bought an absolutely mint 74 450sl lovingly (and I mean lovingly) restored using genuine oem panels and components over a 20 year period by a really good body chap. Price? he paid what the guy asked for £1600 - doh!
  3. diverzeusy

    battery bargains??

    not on the bay but a good Varta battery buy, Varta H3 Silver Battery - Buy Now! appologies if i should have posted elsewhere.
  4. E

    Michelin bargains

    I've just booked the new beastie in for a pair of rear tyres. Kwik-Fit (yes, I know, but read on; and I've never had a problem with my local bunch), £355 all in online, AND a free £30 fuel voucher from Michelin for buying two Michelins at Kwik-Fit in July/August 2014. There's more free fuel if...
  5. Vilus

    Stratstone Parts Bargains??

    I've purchased a few random bargains recently from Stratstone Wakefield. I watch their auctions on Ebay and purchased brake discs and pads for my E55. After getting in touch via e-mail they offered me prices about 20% lower than my local dealer in Canterbury (owned by Mercedes UK!). Just had a...
  6. Harrythedog

    Will there be bargains to be had?

    I had the car seviced this morning and whilst hanging around I was looking at a couple of used estate cars they had in, salesman straight over seeing if I needed help. When I told him I was thinking of changing next year he said they were getting a "load" of cars from MB direct at the end of...
  7. Palfrem

    Amazing bargains now at MB

    Approved Used 2012 MERCEDES-BENZ ML250 BlueTEC for sale I'll buy it!
  8. LocheeLad

    Bargains to be had on AutoGlym products!

    FYI I went into my local B&Q superstore today for a wee look around and they have a small selection of car cleaning products, including some AutoGlym products. However I did notice they have a "3 for 2" on ALL car leaning products just now...and just to add the icing on the cake they have...
  9. AnilS

    Gulf Semi Synthetic oil at Home Bargains!

    Heads up guys. Popped into Home Bargains (Cape Hill - Birmingham) whilst I was early for the Merc service round the corner, and spotted the above oil for £10 (4 litres). Specific spec was MB 229.1;) So, mine takes 8 litres, so 2 packs and an oil filter makes for a cheap oil change :thumb...
  10. D

    biga sec 500 sec project nice plate bargains!

    BIgA SEC with mercedes 500 sec blackout windows towbar on eBay (end time 15-Jun-11 22:13:23 BST)
  11. D

    w124 e220 convertible with new mot long tax p.plate 5k need finishing bargains!

    L13 RAR n mercedes e 220 w124 convertible cabriolet N/R on eBay (end time 15-Jun-11 22:24:54 BST)
  12. SL300-24

    Cheap electrical bargains

    I just bought a 50" LG plasma for £499 from here.... Best Buy opens its doors in UK | The Sun |Fun|Gizmo Whilst there I also bought 2 Toshiba 32" LCD TV's for £179.99 each for my kids bedrooms. Mega queues about half an hours wait to get in but plenty of bargains to be had
  13. smillion

    DVLA registration auction - bargains?

    As a fan of personalised plates (4 in our house) I like to browse the DVLA auction catalogue which can be downloaded here Is it me or are there some real bargains if you are inlcined to take an age related plate off (and I...
  14. B

    Dream Car bargains

    Good article in CAR magazine this month listing the top 50 dream cars and their prices now. The thrust of the article is pretty much pick up a bargain now.... Mercs listed in the top 50 are SLK 2004 version they reckon they can find a 1.8 with 72k for 12k, and 13-14k buys one with half the...
  15. carnut

    Bargains to be had?

    Just had a wander around the "Autotrader" site following on from Top Gear last night. There are some fantastic "bargains" and horrific depreciation from new on many top end cars. Started to get excited about a 2 yr old Aston V8 Vantage til I took a look at what my car is worth:eek: A sign of...
  16. DSLiverpool

    Some real bargains appearing over 5l CL55 - very tempting - could be a replacement for the CLS ? Its a good time to be a buyer - not so good for sellers
  17. GRAV888


    I can get hold of the following this weekend only if anyone is interested, direct from the wholesalers. Collection from me only. Normally £299, I get for £229 Normally £80, I get for £40 Normally £80, I get for £40 PM me if interested. I didn't put this in the classifieds, as I'm...
  18. mercmanuk

    spare room clearout bargains

    spare room clearout triton tdps200t thermostatic power shower,brand new sealed box,£220 wicks £120+postage xpelair cf20w low volt premier extractor fan ,brand new sealed £90,£40+postage xpelair cf20w premier extractor fan ,brand new sealed £90,£40 +postage nokia 7250 mobile...
  19. Steve_Perry


    Anyone else think that the following are 'going for a song'? Perhaps I'm missing something, either way I thought I'd share :D E430 CL500...
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