1. T

    R107 ignition barrel

    I have a 280sl 1983, Sunday neither of the two keys would turn in the barrel, apparently a common problem, however unless you can turn the key to the A position you can't remove the barrel, leaving you no alternative but to take off the complete steering lock. After an hour or so I did get a...
  2. T

    W208 Lock Barrel out still seized

    Removed My Lock Barrel following Decs How to but its been soaked in descaler for about 15mins and then overnight in penetrating oil bath and still the key only goes quarter way in Am I right the key has to go all the way in to remove the tumbler barrel from the lock barrel ???????? Can...
  3. E

    limited edition Manchester Utd barrel Cost £224.99

    To celebrate our partnership with the iconic Oil brand Gulf, we have an amazing limited edition Manchester Utd barrel. This is Exclusive to Euro Car Parts and costs £224.99 Stock is limited on this collector’s item. Once they’re gone. They are gone!
  4. R

    Ml door barrel lock

    Hi all My barrel lock is broken so can't use my key if the battery goes. Main dealers want £200 for a new barrel!! :eek: Any know where i can get one from without paying rediculous prices? Thanks.
  5. Lipsylee

    Mercedes E320 cdi 2000 plate , electronic ignition barrel replacement advice ?

    Hello my boss's mum has a mercedes e320cdi on a 2000 plate and she has been told she needs a new ignition barrel ! Does anyone have one for sale and do they need recoding to the Ecu which I imagine they would do ? If they don't how easy are they to change . Thanks in advance lee .
  6. anfieldassasin

    W124 coupe ignition barrel Warning!

    feel like the luckiest man alive today! my key was sticking from time to time and refusing to turn, requiring jiggling and coaxing. Jumped online heard the horror stories of drilling and cutting and astronomical bills to replace barrel if key doesnt turn to position 1! You can see in the...
  7. H

    W124 ignition barrel

    Hi, I need a new w124 ignition barrel. Are the £10 ones on EBay ok or are there better ones around? cheers
  8. C

    2004 A160 Ignition Barrel Removal

    Hi All I am new to the site and I hope someone can help me. I have recently bought a 2004 A160 elegance for my wife, it had a few issues but all are sorted now. When I bought the car it had a broken key blade in the ignition, the car has been starting ok but I now have a new blade and want...
  9. oshea

    ignition barrel with keys wanted

    Morning everyone I looking to buy a ignition barrel and keys for a 91plate sl300, also a haynes manual please let me no if anyone has one of either thank you
  10. O

    190E '85 won't turnover after new ignition barrel fitted

    Hello to all, new member here. Had the dreaded key stuck in lock position, after a week of stuffing around I finally got the barrel out and fitted the new one. All electrics are working when in accessory pos. but engine fails to crank. I've tested it before putting everything back on I took off...
  11. B

    W124 E300 Ingition Barrel Dead

    Hi looking some advice. Had my car ready for mot, took her a drive returned and the key jammed in the ignition after some wiggling i got it realeased but now the steeringlock is on and the key wont turn in the ignition to release it... how can i release the steering lock and bypass the...
  12. C

    190E ignition lock barrel removal

    Hi everybody, I'm having some trouble removing the ignition lock barrel on my 190E. The current one is on the way out - the key has to be jiggled around to get the lock to turn, and I've read that this can quickly lead to the lock getting jammed or the key stuck. Therefore I've bought a new...
  13. M

    ignition barrel with key for 190e brand new

    £40 posted.
  14. swannymere

    W124 Barrel Key and Lock for Immobiliser/Alarm

    Hi, Can anyone help me? I need a barrel lock and its key for an immobiliser/alarm as fitted under the dash of a W124. Unfortunately my car didn't come with the key and my immobiliser kicked in when i changed the battery. The lock pictured is from my W124 E300D which i'm scrapping but it's the...
  15. horatio

    W210 ignition barrel / key

    Hi, just bought an E320 (bit of an impulse buy but its a lovely car) but the key is a bit stiff/finicky to remove from the barrel I had a right nightmare with the key on my 190 a few years back so I'm a bit paranoid! Should I just oil it and forget or get it changed? The car has one of...
  16. englishdas

    Ignition Barrel issue

    > I've been trying to remove this lock, as I have a new one that doesn't get stuck everytime the missus goes to Tescos. But this is as far as I've got, And i can't get any further. I sort of know about the grooves and trying to force some springs in the back, but I can't get em to release...
  17. S

    W124 Ignition barrel replacement help (The hard way!)

    This is my car.......and i love her. Look at how happy she looks sat by the side of the road waiting to be driven. Look at how original she is, at the natural gloss of her beautiful paint work. And she's not just a pretty face. Despite her 18 years and 186k miles she is a hard worker. Who...
  18. Mozzer

    Pool Table Barrel Lock Woes

    Any nefarious types on here have any advice on how to pick / drill / find skeleton keys for the barrel locks on my pool table ? One of my beautiful yet, bl00dy frustrating daughters seem to have seen the sparkly keys twinkling on their hook and now they are lost :( Need to get into the...
  19. L

    Problem with SLK 230 ignition lock and barrel

    Hi, My Slk has developed a fault with the ignition lock and barrel - diagnosed by the AA. My local dealer wants £50.00 to look at it , before I even pay for the repair!! Can anyone please recommend a resonably priced Merc Specialist near Amersham, Bucks.
  20. S

    Ignition Barrel Lubrication

    Hi All I have recently noticed that when I put the ignition key in the lock the motorised sound you get at the steering lock comes off has changed. It has started to sound like the mechanism needs lubrication. Should I spray a little ptfe in the hole or am I asking for trouble? Many thanks...
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