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  1. M

    BAS/ASR indicator light

    This light stays on when the car after the car ( a SLK230 1998 model) has started Any ideas would be welcomed. The car has been off road for the last 5 months but started on a regular basis in order to test hood etc.
  2. John Jones Jr

    BAS/ASR question.

    Does anybody know if there's a fault with the BAS, can the ASR still operate or are they totally integrated?
  3. Remote11

    BAS/ASR brake switch changed

    Evening all, I am a newbi from Tamworth Staffs: Car 1999 C180 Auto Well I have gone and got me my first Merc....however I have the BAS/ASR light issue, so after trawling threads I changed the brake switch and it has not worked. Symptoms: Car starts hot or cold perfectly ticks over smoothly...
  4. P

    S280, W140 1997 leaking seal on bonnet flooding BAS/ASR

    Has anyone else found this issue - my car went into limp mode, merc said they thought it was so serious it would need a £2000 repair, got the BAS/ASR unit for £40 fitted and its fixed, but noticed the water has come in via the grills on the bonnets, I have no idea where is best place to get a...
  5. J

    Uh-Oh BAS/ASR Light!

    Hi there, been doing the bodywork on my car, eliminating the rust, blending it... It's taking it's time but coming along. Alway the battery had died as the boot lid was left open in the garage, there's no lock in as I'm treating that area at the moment. Jumped her fine the other day. So I...
  6. K

    BAS/ASR warning light on, cruise control not functioning

    The BAS/ASR warning light has come on and the ASR dashboard button does nothing, on the same day I reailsed that the cruise control not functioning at all. Cannot find any fuses (front or rear) for either function, don't know what to do? Thanks in advance for any help. Mercedes C200 1998 W202...
  7. I

    BAS/ASR Brake Light Switch

    I have a Mercedes E200 Elegance (W210). I replaced the brake light switch because the BAS/ASR warning light on the panel was on. The switch was bought from Mercedes Now my rear brake lights remain on constantly. Could it be that the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced? Any other...
  8. H

    1998 C240 elegance BAS/ASR ABS problem

    hi, i have a 1998 C240 elegance, the BAS/ASR and ABS lights are on constantly on the dash, when i bought the car the guy i got it from said it was because the brake pads need changing but that isnt the case, can anyone throw any light on what this could be? many thanks in advance.
  9. BIG Sean

    BAS/ASR light

    Does having this light on and the Cruise not working mean the brake switch has definitely gone? Has anybody done a HOWTO on replacement? or have a link to one? TIA
  10. A

    BAS/ASR Fault, variation on the theme?

    Evening all, Got the BAS/ASR fault on my W202 C240 Sport Auto, and it's getting more and more regular. Have read the multitude of threads regarding the brake switch (which will be getting done this weekend), is it normal for the car to go into limp mode when the light comes on? Gets annoying...
  11. R

    BAS/ASR & ABS Lights

    Guys, The above lights have come up on my 99 CLK, without taking it to a garage are there any obviuos (common) things that may be causing the problem? Cheers
  12. D

    BAS/ASR Fault

    Here is the latest bit of "character" my car has developed...... Last evening, the BAS/ASR warning light came on. This has happened once before & on the last occasion it reset itself the next time I turned the ignition on. However, this time the light refuses to go out. I had a quick look in the...
  13. zafarius

    Bas/asr Acc.skid

    I was driving home last from work on Friday night when the warning "BAS" appeared on the console then a few seconds later "ASR" and below that "ACC.SKID CONTROL". On Saturday morning I started the car and saw the warning "LAMP DEFECTIVE". The front O/S headlight bulb has...
  14. C

    Bas/Asr Light

    My 97 E300td auto had the BAS/ASR light on today. Later when I used it the light was off. Any ideas anyone? Col
  15. Flyer

    Help! BAS/ASR problem

    Just nipped out to drive to the bank and the BAS/ASR light came on and the display in the dash indicated a problem with BAS and ASR. Of course, cruise control has gone also. On Sunday, I gave the car a thorough clean and sprayed the hosepipe underneath to clear all the salt out. I also...
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