1. M


    Full Details Mercedes R350L CDI 4Matic Automatic 7 Seater Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 29th December 2010 – 60 Reg • Three Owners Only – Last Owner Since 2010 • 61,043 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel...
  2. brucemillar

    W124 drivers seat base plastic trim.

    In mushroom but would accept any light colour. This is the panel that locates behind the base height knob and adjustment handle on the door side (UK car) Flimsy plastic it should just pull off. I have manual seats - not sure if this affects that panel. Thank you for looking. Bruce...
  3. A

    w124 Blue Leather Front Seat Base

    Blue leather seat base from a 124 facelift coupe. Good condition, no holes, rips,tears, but could do with a clean. £10 plus postage.
  4. K

    W123 250 Long Wheel Base ex-UAE Embassy I like the part about the "large gentle man"... Very well equipped with AC, cruise control and SLS. MoT history check shows extensive corrosion and presumably repairs over the past decade. I hope it'll...
  5. A

    W124 Coupe Memory Seat Base or motors

    Looking for the memory motors ( 3 off) to fit a W124 coupe seat base. Will consider whole seat ( colour/condition not important as long as the motors function correctly). Thanks, Andy
  6. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce electric seat base

    Hi All the electrical drivers seat base on my 300ce swivels slightly left to right and vice versa twisting my lower half when I corner tightly. Anyone come across this before? Nothing amiss when I look under the seat but I did find a small spring no idea if it's for seat or there...
  7. S

    Rear seat base hot - 500SEC

    Not sure if this is the right section.. Yesterday evening after a 5-8mile drive, I realised the carpet on the base of rear seats (not the floor) was warm, which I thought was a bit strange. After I got home I removed the rear seat base and the metal part of the body was pretty warm/hot...
  8. BIG_G_1979

    w211 drivers seat base cover

    Hi guys I'm wanting to change the drivers seat base cover due to it cracking/ripping, I have artico leather and it spoils the interior looks, first of all I want to see how hard the job would be diy, and then secondly hoping that part number would be on the cover already fitted, I have asked my...
  9. M

    Fitting T5 swivel base to 54 reg vito?

    Hi all, first post on here, had a look all round here and google but can't find any answers. We just bought a vito with 2 single front seats, a mate has just offered me 2 nice leather seats with VW T5 swivel bases, does anyone know if it's possible to adapt them to fit? these are the bases VW...
  10. S

    Wanted 2013 vito dualseat base and covers

    I have a 2013 traveliner vito with a single front seat I'm looking for the dualseat box as I have already bought a dualseat ready to go in I will buy the box or swop for the single boxes on mine mine are as new and I would like the same I'm in medstead Alton hants
  11. S

    S63 amg Limo base

    I am looking into purchasing one of these beasts, going to see one tomorrow actually. 2007 Grey Black leather 60k miles What is it worth? Can some one point out what I should be looking out for when inspecting the vehicle? Any way to tell if there are issues with the air suspension...
  12. S

    Seat base

    Hi, am a newbie on here. I have purchased a Mercedes Vito Campervan 112cdi model 2002. I have a double front passenger seat which I would like to get rid of it and change it to a single seat. I have now bought the seat. I am a novice and would like to get a single seat base, i have looked...
  13. L_A

    w211 bouncy driver seat base

    My driver seat base is bouncy it will go down when you sit on it and come back up when you get off it. The seat base height adjustment motor is working however the angle adjustment for the front of the seat base motor is making a noise however not doing anything i believe this is why my seat...
  14. S

    W211 Avantgarde 2005 Long Wheel Base Limousine

    Hi I am looking for 8-10 year old E320CDI Black saloon (or almost any colour estate) with light coloured interior. I came across 183,000m Long Wheel Base Limousine but based on the pictures it does not seem to be too long. I am quite worried about buying anything non-standard. So the question...
  15. Windy124

    W124 seat base

    My seat in my car is a bit soft, it's getting on a bit now bless and it's had a few bums shining it over the years! I suppose one of the reasons I bought this car was because it was the car I wanted in the 90's but couldn't afford! I was lucky enough to drive a few at that time that were...
  16. E

    Part Number request - W211 seat base trim

    The driver's R/H side seat base trim (the long plastic moulding running from front to rear on the door side of the seat) is broken on my 2003 E55K estate. Could some kind soul on here who can make EPC work (I can't...) please possibly tell me the part number? I can't stand the squeaking against...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    W205 Long Wheel Base - Press Release

    Start of Production in Beijing: New long-wheelbase C-Class strengthens Mercedes-Benz’ China portfolio As part of the global production network for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. (BBAC) is the fourth site in less than six months to start production. The first...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    W205L Long Wheel Base

    60mm Longer for the Chinese market.
  19. BillyW124

    Complete W124 Rear axle base and front control arms refurbed

    I have a complete rear axle base for the W124 which will fit saloon's, coupes and estates. The whole kit has been shotblasted and sprayed. I bought this set for the use of my on going project but decided i wanted to go brand new instead which is the reason for sale. The kit: Subframe...
  20. Dazkeirle

    W209 CLK Drivers half and half seat base

    As title, W209 half and half seat base with MBLUX (vinyl) outer and upholstery inner.
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