1. SportsCoupeRich

    Plug (bath, not bash street...)

    Hi - please help. SWMBO is going mad at me. A month ago we had some decorators in. They accidentally threw the bath plug out (i know...). I was supposed to sort but didnt get time before leaving UK for spell in Mid East. I did get a chance to note the diameters so I could find and order...
  2. E

    Bish Bash BOSCH! – 25% Off Selected Bosch Parts...

    Hi Guys , Today we launched an email promo offering 25% off on Bosch Wipers, Filters & Batteries (remember.. the exclusive forum discount will work on these...and much more! :D)... Also... don’t forget our ‘Oil Bonanza’ offer – 30% Off ALL Engine Oils!! *Tip For The Weekend* – If you need...
  3. Spinal

    Compiling a bash script

    Howdy, a quicky here... I have a very short (1-line) bash script, which I want to give to my users... problem is, I'm used to invoking it from terminal and have forgotten how to compile bash scripts... if I even can from OsX... (basically I want to give them an executable application that...
  4. pammy

    Wanted - Crash Bash PS1 game

    PS1 game from the Crash Bandicoot series. Anyone got one they don't want anymore?
  5. Ady

    Saturday night bash

    Well I managed to keep my car blemish free for 5 months but it got rear-ended Saturday. I was stopped in traffic when a 4-wheel drive ‘tank’ drove into the car behind me and shunted it forward into mine. With the force of the impact and seeing the state of the car behind in my mirror (lights...
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