1. T

    Is this a basic spec E?

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 2.7 E270 CDI Elegance 5dr The engine, colour, SH and towbar tick quite a few the boxes part form the highish mileage. I know it has leather and a SR but there is no mention of electric or heated seat. Is this one a basic spec?
  2. S

    AMG 3 Hour Basic Training

    Hi all, just booked my training at Brooklands and thought I'd ask what you thought of the experience and also what car to choose? I've provisionally booked the C63 for 13th April 2017. Also trying to get my son on one of the experiences. Any recommendations?? Cheers
  3. M.Khalid

    CLK W209 Basic Sound to Bose Sound System

    Hi All! I have acquired a 2006 CLK 280 Sports Convertible and I find that the sound system of this one is not as good as I was expecting... I used to have a 2007 C220 CDI Sports with COMAND APS (the SatNav Screen that comes out of the dashboard) and the sound system was great! The CLK I own...
  4. Alfie

    Genuine STAR / Xentry Basic 2 for sale

    We are selling our genuine STAR / Basic-2 Xentry system. Complete kit with all leads, carrying case etc. Currently on eBay; Genuine Mercedes STAR Diagnosis Basic 2 (Xentry) complete. Discount for forum members of course ;)
  5. D

    AMG Basic Training event at Brooklands

    Hi guys - today I completed the free AMG Drivers Academy Basic training that all new AMGs get as part of the car purchase. The event was at Brooklands - its about 3 hours in total - maybe an hour of talking and 2 hours in the cars. It uses the handling circuits, wet circle, wet road etc that...
  6. M

    Tyre size/load rating basic question!

    Forgive me for what may be a stupid question re tyre size/load rating. I have a 2006 C180 Kompressor 1.8engine, and need new tyres. My current tyres I've had on the car since I got a year ago are Pirelli - back 205/55 R16 91V, front 205/55 R16 91H M+S. When I try to order tyres online though...
  7. Pie

    AMG Basic Training – Hockenheimring & Affalterbach Tour – July 7th 2015

    Video link at the bottom if you want to skip the words and just watch. The engine start and revving you hear at the beginning is the C63S. ==================================================== So that's me just back from Germany where I took part in the AMG Basic Training package. The whole...
  8. R

    Some basic questions R129

    As a newbie I have some simple questions about my 1998 SL320 V6, so I'm sure you'll be able to help..... 1 is this model fitted with a code reader socket and if so where is it? 2 what tool is needed to remove the spark plugs? The hole looks very small compared with my memory of plug...
  9. The _Don

    Mercedes-amg gt: Basic is best?
  10. sgh

    Looking for a basic cleaning guide

    Having just bought my Silver SLK 2009 R171 I wondered if there was a basic cleaning guide somewhere? I don't want to get too involved but at the same time would like to give it a good clean/polish every now & then. So what are the basics & what are some decent products to use? (bearing in...
  11. L

    Basic explanation of the CDI intake system

    Hi All I am still trying to get to grips with the diesel engine, with all of my previous experience being with petrol engines. I was looking at the engine today starting the planning for cleaning out the EGR system and am a bit confused. On the drivers side of the engine is what I...
  12. Cleggmeister

    Very basic advice please, brakes squeaking, W124 200E

    Apologies, I guess this is primary school stuff but brakes are not really my thing. Braking at slow speeds, for example when manouevering, causes quite a squeal from my brakes. Can't tell which wheel, it may be one or all of them. How do I sort this out please, with common DIY tools if...
  13. P

    Basic capacities and types

    I'm very new to the forum so apologies if I'm missing something obvious like a WIKI or data section on the site. Can anyone tell me the capacity and oil type for: Manual 6sp gearbox capacity (think it's GL4 but how much) Differential (75W90 GL5? is that right and how much for an oil change?)...
  14. smoothcoupe

    what was basic spec of 2003 e55

    In 2003/2004/5 what was the basic spec of the w211 e55. I have seen quite a few with varied spec. Mine has key less go, keyless entry, front and rear heated seats, auto boot closure/opener, electric rear blinds, harmon kardon logic 7,multi contour seats, phone all usual others.. are...
  15. sam06c

    Basic Audio 20 Software Update on W169

    This is driving me mad! I have spent a couple of days searching the internet for information on updating firmware/software on the Audio 20 head unit in my 2012 A160. I am trying if possible to activate or update so the unit would operate bluetooth audio. It would appear that the Audio...
  16. ming

    Basic sat nav on itunes

    Look at the reviews for this 69p item Rewarding if you want a laugh
  17. P

    450slc basic dash dismantle?

    Hi,new member first post of 30 before I can use forum fully I recently purchased a Haynes manual for this car which offers no info on dash removal etc.I also purchased a Mercedes style twin disc set which wont work for me.[TIS system] The cars engine was kaput and a non mercedes engine is...
  18. C

    Good merc mechanic Surrey area - basic!

    Guys, Have some quite basic problems with the C124, wondered if anyone knew of a reasomably priced, honest mechanic that I could contact? problems: window regulator general service cold start valve needs a look / distributor cap brakes need review fuses need a look indicators out...
  19. D-18

    W211 Instrument cluster 'Basic display'

    One thing which I'd like in the E Class, is the ability to display the digital speedo and the outside temperature reading simultaneously. According to P126 in my handbook, this facility lies within the 'Basic Menu' but is not available on UK specification vehicles. Does anyone know why this...
  20. I

    Nice basic 230 124, might end-up cheap?

    1990 MERCEDES 230E AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 05-Feb-11 14:45:36 GMT)
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